Three “Big-A$$” (heh, heh) Reasons to Share this Blog


Helllooooo, all of you fine, body-acceptin’ humans! It occurred to me that if we are going to start and maintain a “revolution” of the body-lovin’ variety, we need more peeps in the loop. We need to spread the message. I cannot do this alone. I need my body-adorin’ posse to show up. So, toward that end, I offer you the following, compelling reasons for sharing this blog.

Reason #1: You want to help others

It’s clear that you are compassionate. You are present. You care about your friends and family. You see others as beautiful no matter what they wear, weigh, say, or do. While that’s abundantly evident and a core part of your life, you know that many of your friends and family could benefit from a small shift in focus, a new way to view physicality, a slight change in how they think. You know that getting to a higher plateau, a deeper, more tranquil relationship with the body would truly help others and would positively impact many different areas of their lives. Nothing would delight you more than seeing your friends and loved-ones begin (or continue) the process of loving themselves as much as you love them.

  • Simply put: Helping others to accept themselves feels good. It feels good to love others and to see them prosper. It feels good to give others an avenue through deeper healing, deeper being. Let’s do this together. Let’s help other people. : )

Reason #2: Body-hating is contributing to many social ills and it’s time to fix it 

Look around. All around us are massive-piles of evidence that point to mankind’s reluctance to accept and honor the body, its needs, its messages, its wants. This mass-decision (and delusion) is threatening humanity’s lasting happiness and I argue our continued survival. With everything from dense, antiquated, and unrealistic religious edicts about the body’s various sins, transgressions, and uncleanliness, to modern advertisements that beg women to hide their skin, smells, and bodily functions with chemical-laden, unhealthy, and frankly, dangerous products, it’s so clear that we have a serious problem here.

We, as a species, largely disapprove of or flat-out hate our bodies. For many people, this hatred permeates every aspect of life. It creates an adversarial basis to everything that we do. For, as we know, from within, comes the basis of all outer manifestation. If that inner terrain is rife with angst, anxiety, and disdain for our bodies and by proxy, others, how can we fully and happily live? How can we accept others? How can we truly be at peace?

If we are to evolve as a species and become creators and not victims, we simply must vanquish this pervasive body disdain, because it is the wellspring from which bubble many of our most vexing human problems, problems that range from mental and emotional to physical and behavioral. Some examples of the most damaging social ills include: child abuse, murder, self-destruction, drug abuse, damage to the earth, crime, and misuse of power (among many others); these problems are pointing to, at bottom, a mistrust of the body, either our own or others’. I’m not saying that body hatred is the root cause of these social ills, but in my estimation, it’s a key component of everything that is “wrong with humanity”.

If we do not accept the body, our full self, in all of its qualities, we cannot truly ever accept other people. We cannot walk softly on the earth or honor the earth-mother’s body. We cannot advance spiritually. We cannot love fully and deeply like we are designed to do. If we choose to neglect or hate our bodies, we cannot form lasting, peaceful relations with other cultures or life forms. In my humble opinion, this is the biggest threat to mankind’s survival.

  • Simply put: Hating the body is not okay. Subscribing to a religion or belief system that illustrates a shame or disdain about the natural processes of the body and teaches about the body’s supposed uncleanliness or depravity is to be questioned and if needed, quickly and thoroughly abandoned. This no longer serves us as a species. It’s time to take ownership of our beliefs and behaviors. It’s time to question our ideologies and ask why we believe what we are taught. It is time for free-thinking, people. Not life-damaging, body-desecrating dogma.

Reason #3: It’s time to embrace that we are powerful creators and can be the change that all of humanity needs

So many of us keep doing the same stuff over and over. We do the same routine, the same workout, the same Friday night get-together with the friends. We are routine-based organisms. We largely like predictability and sameness. However, sometimes the same old thing stops working.

I think humanity is caught smack-dab in the middle of one such crisis: the old is no longer working and we are faced with sheer, abject terror over what will replace the old ways of doing things. We realize that taking power over each other and our Earth-Mother is not yielding the satisfaction that it once did. We are feeling restless, bored, numb, depressed, and frustrated with ourselves and the powers that be. Many of us have a sense that there has to be more, there has to be something else out there, there has to be a reason for all of this stuff that keeps happening to us. This is good. It’s progress for us.

I choose to believe that mankind is going to get to a healthier place in all aspects of life and soon; I feel that that we are in the midst of a huge shift in consciousness. We are largely moving away from fanatical, damaging, and harmful behaviors to a deeper living, a deeper spirituality, a deeper awareness that includes honoring the body, Earth-Mother, and the even the unseen forces that so many of us sense (and which help shape our lives).

I can feel a building hunger in mankind to get better, to heal, to realize why we come back to this planet over and over. I can feel mankind one-by-one leaping into the unknown terrain inside and emerging victorious. We want answers. We want to know what things mean. We want to know that our lives stand for something. There has to be more than just acquiring possessions and wealth. There has to be more than watching endless episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Simply put: It’s time for mankind to embrace this shift in consciousness and abandon his  long-perpetrated rape-and-pillage paradigm in favor of a more peaceful, consciously aware, and responsible role. It’s time for us to push forward into our deepest healing and one way to do that is to question how we feel about our bodies and look for any opportunity to be aware of our thoughts and beliefs about the body because these absolutely color everything else in our lives. It’s time to celebrate the body in all of its manifestations. It’s time for us to reverse or at least stop the damage that we have done to our Earth-Mother. You can be a part of this effort. You, right there, reading this post, can begin to address this issue. You are a powerful being. You can affect change. We all can. It all starts inside.

So, all of this to say that I would LOVE it if you would help me spread the word about this blog and in the process help others. Together, we can help so many people change their inner world that will in turn help and change the outer world. Thank you for reading and being a part of the revolution. I appreciate each and every one of you.

2 thoughts on “Three “Big-A$$” (heh, heh) Reasons to Share this Blog

  1. Rhonda Cool

    I also believe there is a shift in consciousness coming. Some say we are moving from the 3rd dimension into the 4th dimension. In reading on this topic, one can see where this is true. Our society is moving at such a fast pace, and those of us who realize we are the masters of our own destiny and thoughts, will understand and rise to this higher consciousness. Unfortunately, those who do not, will remain stuck in the 3rd dimension. This higher consciousness allows acceptance and to immediately clear negative thoughts and actions that affect everything we do.

    As human beings, we need to educate ourselves on the true power that exists within each of us. We are energy and light, giving off vibrational frequencies that can have a positive or negative effect on others around us. I am sure we all can remember a time when something negative such as a disagreement with a spouse or child. You go to work and co-workers ask if you are okay, and you tell me what happened. These negative thoughts, vibrations, and feelings begin to affect them and within a few minutes, negative energy surrounds the whole office. So, can you see with this one small example how we affect those around us. What about parents arguing and their children hearing this heated exchange? Do you have any idea how this negative energy affects them?

    So, why do we disrespect our body, this temple, that can take us to places most can’t even imagine? From observations and being a woman, there are many mornings I look in the mirror and don’t like the body I see. Then I begin the negative self-talk with phrases such as “Look at you, your ass is way too big, look at all the cellulite, you are a fat ass, stop eating and lose some weight.” Now, what do these negative thoughts and emotions do to me and those around me? Truthfully, most times, I don’t even think about it. However, now I will pay attention and work to clear these feelings immediately.

    Thank you for the inspiration and empowering thoughts. If each of us takes small steps each day to “clear” negative thoughts about our bodies and others, this will go a long way to creating a better world. Just think, if every time, we have a negative thought, we deny it and replace with a positive one, the amount of positive energy, vibrations, and light we can create is phenomenal.

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Thank you so, so much for reading and commenting, my friend. It’s probably no surprise that I couldn’t agree with you more. You have put this so beautifully and eloquently here. I love your words. It’s absolutely correct that clearing just some of the negative thought patterns that many of us emanate daily will greatly improve our lives and be beneficial for all of those around us. It’s really true. Physicists can and do measure, quantify, and catalog the evidence of this. At the outside, my wish for all of woman-kind is that we can look in the mirror and simply observe how life is shaping us, how our thoughts and choices are shaping us, and be neither happy nor dismayed. If women could simply get to a neutral place with their bodies, that will have remarkable implications for ourselves and this earth plane, because the neutrality implies, at least, a certain acceptance, a certain contentedness. My very deepest wish and desire for woman-kind, however, is that we love what we see in the mirror, regardless of shape, weight, appearance, health, etc. In my estimation, this would be the pinnacle, the highest level of a being who understands and relishes physical existence and all that it encompasses. When we learn, as a species, to take utter and complete responsibility for our lives and all that living encompasses, we will no longer be able to react to the rigors of life like victims. We will no longer be able to point to the body and accuse it of its supposed transgressions because we will understand that we have an ultimate hand in how the body looks and serves us on the earth plane. Whether healthy or ill, fat or thin, young or old, the body is the indicator of free will and the power of our thoughts. Our bodies are a product of our chronic, habitual, and emotionally imbued thoughts. So, all of this to say that I completely agree with you that we are moving from a lower-vibration dimension to a higher, brighter, and lighter dimension. We are shifting our mass consciousness at an incredibly rapid speed. I love this ride, girl and am so excited to see humankind getting healthier. Thank you again for your sensitive and lovely comments. You totally get it. 🙂


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