HuffPostLive Discussion on “Love Your Body” Campaigns

Hiya, body-lovers! Following’s a link to the panel discussion in which I participated with other lovely women on HuffPostLive this morning. Had the best time with these wonderful, gorgeous women. It was a great discussion. Proudest moment of my body-lovin’ life. 🙂 Please take a watch and, as always, feel free to share your comments. All my love and light to you, BigLizzy


7 thoughts on “HuffPostLive Discussion on “Love Your Body” Campaigns

  1. Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

    Lizzy – you were so FABULOUS on that interview. I’m so excited that you were chosen – how did it happen that they asked you? You are a great role model for all people to love who they are and find happiness in that. in the past, I spent some time feeling that if I was overweight, I didn’t deserve to look pretty and now I could kick myself for those kind of stupid thoughts. I am smaller than I was back then but it is because my health was at risk – and now my vitals are great – so I have health – which is the most important thing goin’

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Thank you soooo much, honey-pie! It takes one to know one. I am so lucky that I have such positive, strong, and amazing women in my life, from whom I can draw strength and encouragement whenever needed. I just adore you and your spunk, sweetie. The fact that you are healthy means EVERYTHING, darlin’. You get it. I am so happy for you. You have managed to find the secret to life and it has nothing to do with size but everything to do with heart and presence. You rock! All my light and love to you!

      1. BigLizzy Post author

        Rutabaga, I forgot to tell you how I got chosen for this interview. I don’t know for sure, but I credit the guest post on Outlier Collective run by our darling Madam Weebles and Le Clown for this good fortune. I’m all but certain it was due to their amazing blog and the network of cool peeps that are associated with them. An editor from HuffPostLive e-mailed me the night before and asked if I would be interested in joining the discussion. Energy attracts like energy; it’s physics. I’m so appreciative and in love with everything that’s happening. 🙂

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