Love Note

You are beautiful. I’ll say it again. You. Are. So. Beautiful. I’ll tell you this every day, as many times as possible, as many times as it takes until you believe me. When I look at you, I swoon. I fall into your eyes; I swim in the center of your being. I invite you into my being. When I think of you and see your face in my mind’s eye, remember the things you have said to me, the times we have laughed together, my heart  blossoms and turns toward you, wherever you are, and sighs with a smile of satisfaction. Everything is new, fresh, and astonishing. Everything is opening, layering, and building. Can you feel it? It’s there.


In my mind, I hold the precision of your words, their heady, intoxicating rhythm, their melody. I see you. I see the real you. The soul who came here full of hope and knowledge of its divine connection, its purpose. I see the soul in you who understands its important contribution to other people and this earth plane. You are perfect. Right now. Sitting there. Reading this. Sensing the connection. Returning to yourself, your true self. You are complete. Total. Whole. I can see your soul shimmering with love and I can see your body following suit. Your body houses an immense light, a truly massive energy, and it does such a good job. Can you feel this? It’s real.

I want you to know that I’ll always revel in the glory of you, your brilliant mind, staggering intelligence, your kind heart. I’ll tell you often about the beauty in you and your life, the deliciousness of your body, the depth of your being, which is like the vastness of space and holds all answers. I’ll remind you of your wonderful presence, your soul’s steadfast reluctance to be anything other than love, perfect love. I will never waiver in this. I will show you what you mean to me every day, dear, beautiful human and friend. And, I will always be here for you, sweetly reminding you of your birthright, your grandeur, your importance. I will stay, hold the line, hold the truth, give it to you whenever you need it. Come to me. I am yours.

22 thoughts on “Love Note

  1. Amy

    This is a prayer. Very moving. Brings tears to my eyes. Thank You, Lizzy Blossom. You are a gift to all who know you.

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Mariner-Mommy! Thank you so much for stopping by and giving my post a read, my friend. As always, I very much apreciate your kind comments and all the support, babe. Hugs and kisses!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Rutabaga-honey, O.M.G. This makes me so, so sad. Those poor people’s tongues. Their poor bodies. How awful! But, I’m not surprised by this new weight-loss craze. At all. It’s so right in line with gastric bypass and lap-band and all of the other atrocities that humans level at the body in order to avoid responsibility for their emotions and decisions. I don’t judge every person who has surgery, by the way. Some people are just too sick to do otherwise, but to get a painful patch sewn onto the tongue to drop a mere 20 pounds and look good in a bathing suit is just irresponsible, misguided, and completely cruel to the body (in my not-so-humble opinion). I just wish that I could reach everyone and help them see their body in a new light, help them feel appreciation for the work that their bodies do for them. But, these are my values, not everyone else’s. I have to accept that some people reincarnate in order to explore abuse and irresponsibility. Sigh. Thanks for sharing this, honey. This kind of thing just reaffirms what I’m doing and strengthens my mission. I love you, sis.

      1. Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

        I know – I certainly try not to judge for the surgery people; it’s desperate measures for desperate situations.

        This new ‘craze’ is a little unsettling – we’d never do that to someone we love; why would we do that to ourselves? My friend pointed out that it would basically be a form of torture if we inflicted it upon others…but we’re perfectly ok with torturing ourselves for 20 lbs, a bikini and a ‘man’ … so much of that mentality is scary and sad. Like you said – we need to change our heads before our bodies will follow for health.

        Keep moving forward with your mission – we need more people like you.

        I’m sure I’ve mentioned that my favorite movie is John Water’s “Hairspray” – and I love to listen to the director’s commentary with John Waters and Ricki Lake – it’s interesting when they talk about weight. I think this is one of the only movies I’ve seen where the ‘heavy’ girl gets the guy and people look past her weight (because she can dance, but that’s totally the John Waters’ campy spin) – and she ‘wins’. We don’t see that message often –

      2. BigLizzy Post author


        Exactly, sweetie. We would never do this to someone else so why do we so readily hack into the body? The body is just a living, vivid, and visceral reminder of one’s alignment (whether good or bad). Nothing more. I totally agree with you and your friend. It is torture. Self-inflicted torture.

        I have never seen the movie “Hairspray”. I know, it’s crazy and wrong and I need to fix that. Immediately! 🙂

        Love you, my friend. XOXO

      3. BigLizzy Post author

        Totally! I can’t wait, honey. I’ll see if I can rent it from someplace. I don’t do netflicks. Loved this opening; that was so fun. Thanks for posting the link to it. Do you like the remake of Hairspray or the original movie the best? 🙂

      4. julesagray

        Interesting what Rutabaga said about Ricki Lake and John Waters (oh and that version of “Hairspray” is tons better than the crappy remake). Sadly, Ricki succumbed to the pressure in Hollywood to be thin and is now thinner than she was. This is how it is.
        It’s very frustrating living in a society where a woman’s worth is wrapped up in her dress size. I wrote about this once upon a time.

      5. BigLizzy Post author

        YES! You are so right, Jules. Ricki did succumb. As have many others in Hollyweird. It makes my heart hurt that women feel they need to be a certain size to be happy when the real answer is to get happy and then the body follows. Body follows mind. It’s so obvious. I just wish all women knew how gorgeous they are just by being here and working through a lifetime. Thanks for commenting and adding so much to the conversation, honey. Oh, and if you ever want to tackle the subject again, please consider being a guest blogger here. Would love to have you. XOXO

  2. marydpierce

    Oh,my gosh, Lizzy. Thank you! You are so FULL of life and passion and you write so beautifully I feel like you wrote this just for me and I feel beautiful and lovely and loved. Thank you for the gift of you!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Mary!! Thank you ever so much for the kind comments, honey. And, thank you again for coming by and giving my stuff a read. Couldn’t do it without my kind peeps, my sistas. Love that you claim this for yourself. It is for you! It IS all about you, mama. 🙂


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