Happiest with a Big Harley Between My Legs

The title of this post is not a tawdry euphemism. LOL! One of the many awesome things that my healthy body lets me do is ride a big, heavy, 103 cubic-inch, 1690 CC, 2012 Harley-Davidson Street Glide. For those of you who ride, you understand the allure and necessity of this freedom-seeking activity without me even having to explain it, but for those of you who have never ridden, well, you’re missing out, my peeps. Riding is a perfect tool for exploring one’s spirituality and for generating happiness, lasting happiness. Following is a photo of my bike, “Anja”, or as I also call her, “my savior”:


She’s the reason I’m still on this planet doing ma thing. Seriously. I live for three things: riding Harleys, helping people (women, in particular) and loving animals. Fortunately, I get to live in a place where I ride 300+ days per year. Riding, for me and some one million women in this country like me, is absolute nirvana; it’s uplifting, freeing, exhilarating, and happiness-inducing. I’ve written about this quite a bit on my blog for Biker Babe Tours, but now I’m going to describe it for you, my body-loving peeps.

But, first, a little exploration of why I ride.

It might be obvious to you all by now, but I have an enormous ego and intellect. I am not bragging. These have not completely served me in this incarnation. While they have helped me survive a traumatic childhood and made me some good money (among other things), they have kept me from drilling down on my softer, intuitive, and I’ll just say it, my psychic side. They have not made me happy.

My intellect has made it very, very difficult to walk forward into my feminine faculties. The ego has kept me chained to the mind and the mind’s machinations. It has distracted me from my real work, the work that I believe I came back here to do (which is to explore and develop my psychic abilities); it has waved a large flag of academia, science, and reason at me, kept me looking back at the past or toward the future instead of staying present, and ego has taken me down paths thick with vines of a false self, the self of illusion. Check out the groundbreaking works by Echart Tolle for more on this affliction.

So, like lots of other people on this planet, the mind has kept me far away from anything that could diminish the ego’s stronghold. Meditation? “Naw, we don’t need it,” my ego says confidently. Tapping into the divine feminine? “No, that will just get you hurt”, my ego whispers severely. Showing any weakness? “Certainly not!” my ego shouts. Thus, I have gone on and on, using my mind, growing it and my ego bigger and bigger and bigger.

So, what does this have to do with riding a motorcycle? Everything. Riding a HOG is my meditation. It’s how I rest. It’s how I feel and stay present. Eyes open. Heart open. In the zone. Feeling the road and the world. Releasing myself. Riding is my means of escaping the ego and the preponderance of thought, intellectualism, analyzing, quantifying, weighing, and describing that I do everyday. Riding is my chance to step out of the mind and simply be in the moment, which is exactly what I most need.


Because it would be dangerous, I cannot get on the bike and process my technical work. I cannot get on the bike and process my relationships. I cannot get on the bike and think about quantum physics. I have to be present. Riding demands that one is totally, utterly available and honest about being able to be present. You have to be aware, awake, and attentive when riding. You have to watch the cars around you; you have to assume that other drivers cannot see you and thus, ride as safely as possible. You have to be totally in the moment and ready for anything.

Riding my Harley is the quickest way for me to tap into my deeper self, my soul. It’s a chance to rest my active mind and feel my body, be in my body, be in my body in the moment. I ride at least three times per week and average about eight hours of saddle time each week. In a good week, on the weekends, I’m out there both days for at least four hours per day. On weekdays, I might get a couple more hours of riding spread across a couple of days. Heaven! Nothing else feeds me like riding does. Nothing. Not even meditation. And, when I’m riding, I’m the happiest, most centered, and non-egoistic woman you’ll ever meet. Come with me, body-lovers. Let’s ride.

28 thoughts on “Happiest with a Big Harley Between My Legs

  1. rarasaur

    Beautiful post! There’s nothing like finding your perfect center.

    P.S. Your bike is in classic Batman colors– which is the color scheme of my whole dang life! We’re connected, lovely lady, we’re connected!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Awww…my darling, Rarasaur!! Thanks for reading, baby-girl. Yes, we are so, so clearly connected, honey. I knew it the moment you and I met over the ethers in the blogosphere. I consider myself the luckiest of peeps for knowing you, reading your amazing blog, and partaking of your abundant wit and energy, honey-bunny. You rock it so hard. Come ride with me any time. XOXO

  2. Daile

    Love your bike! My uncles have Harley’s – I have never riden a motorbike in my life though! Might have to put it on my bucket list 🙂

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Hi, Daile-ly-babe! Thanks for coming over and reading and commenting, my sweet friend. I need to get me some red lipstick so I can fit in on your blog. LOL! I just love your blog so much, honey. I laugh out loud on there all of the time. Speaking of which and your latest post, I have not dated in 19.5 years, but I remember plenty of kooky things happening in my single days. One time, a dude grabbed my arm. I guess my bicep was too big for him because he literally high-tailed it out of the restaurant within minutes. Oops! Note to self: Do not have bigger guns than the dude you are dating. Buuuwhhwhahahahahaa! Yeah, put riding a motorbike on your bucket list for sure. You’ll be hooked in no time. XOXO

      1. Daile

        I don’t think I will ever have bigger guns that the guy I am dating – my guns are scrawny! Haha

        I’m sure you could pull off a bright red lip BigLizzie – I believe everyone can rock a bright lipstick every now and again.

        I will def add riding a motorbike (preferably a Harley!) to my list 🙂


      2. BigLizzy Post author

        Dailey-babe, I could only rock a lipstick without chemicals or else my lips would be red from oozing blood. ; ) I can’t do chemicals in or on my body. But, I can live vicariously through the gorgeousness that is you (and I do!). XOXO

  3. Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

    I love your passion for riding; my friend is a Harely riding fan too! I’m glad you’re not texting and riding 🙂 – hee hee

    I love ‘moving’ meditation – I get it from T’ai Chi and Bikram Yoga and playing ice hockey. You have to be there paying attention and focused. I could play hockey every day of my life without tiring of it.

    But I do love biking because I can just listen to music and think about everything – it’s another form of meditation – it just allows things to sift through the filter and at times puts the puzzle pieces into place.

    Glad you get to ride as much as you want – that’s the GIFT!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Ruta!! How are you, babe? Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend. LOVE that you experience this with physical movement–yoga and hockey. I have never played hockey myself; it’s the one sport I have never tried. You are a biker, too? LOVE that, mama. You should ride up and we can play together. How fun would that be?! Hoh-my-gosh! I can see it so clearly. The two of us on our bikes and ripping through the desert together. The DREAM! Okay, I’m ready. Get over here. 🙂 Love you, sweetie.

  4. Melanie

    There really is nothing like a big Harley between your legs. I haven’t been on one in years, and I was never driving, always riding, but man oh man do I miss it, a lot. I hear a bike coming down the road and I can feel the peace..the feeling of freedom, the smell of the earth (and sometimes cows), the sight of nature unobscured by glass. Oh good gracious me, I gotta find someone to take me for a ride, like now.

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Melanie-babe! Thanks for reading and rockin’ a comment here, my fun friend. Oh, for suuuure! You gotta find someone to take you riding. If you were here or I was there, I would so take you around. You could be ma b*tch any time. We wouldn’t get into any trouble at all, now would we?!;)

      1. Melanie

        Oh no, no trouble, of course. Just the power, the road, and the wind. Your bike has a better back seat than most of the ones I’ve sat in.
        I have a friend visiting in 10 days and he’s riding in on his Triumph. It’s not the same, but I think it’ll do just fine.

      2. BigLizzy Post author

        Ooooo…a Triumph! That’ll do the trick. Hey, anything that has two wheels will work, honey. Think of your friend Lizzy when you’re out there. I’ll feel it. 🙂

  5. persephone2013

    I am so very envious of you and your riding Anja. She’s beautiful! I tried to learn to ride, a very long time ago. My little brother had a Beemer, and I should have taken a class. The bike was big. I was unskilled. It didn’t last. But I have gotten to ride on a bike with someone else driving- heaven!

    Funny you talk about exploring your psychic side, my form of meditation is riding our lawn mower, going around and around, smelling the fresh cut grass and all the other trees and plants around here. And I am in fact, taking a class called Clairvoyance 201, starting this week, for 6 weeks. Can’t wait!!

    1. BigLizzy Post author


      Your open-eye meditation happening on the lawn mower is so awesome, sweetie. Hey, whatever works, right? We can use these tools for expansion and everyone has some form of tool in their lives that can give them this pathway through the self.

      Your class sounds like so much fun! I WOULD LOVE to take that class with you, girl. I’m all over that stuff. Be sure to stop back by and share your experiences. You know what? Please consider doing a guest post here about it; I’m sure others would love to read about how you awakened or strengthened your intuitive abilities. I sure would!

      Love you, sister. I really do. Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts. It means more to me than you’ll ever know. XOXO

      1. persephone2013

        Thanks. I would love to do a guest post about my class experience. I’d better keep notes from week to week because my first class already helped me to clear some old blocks (tears were shed). The biggest thing, always, is learning to trust what you get. I have learned that intuitive hits (or, receiving psychic information from the divine) can happen in a whisper and very quickly. In fact, in one class I took I asked (internally) why the information came to me so subtly. The answer I got back was, to teach me to listen, to pay attention, and to trust.

      2. BigLizzy Post author

        Persephone, YES! Absolutely send it over whenever you are ready, honey. Can’t wait to read what you produce; fascinating stuff! 🙂

  6. Laura P. Schulman

    I’d love to ride a bike…I’m a horsewoman, and I love to ride a flat-out gallop, anywhere and everywhere. But I have custom-made stirrups, because my legs are so incredibly short!!!! I got on a Harley Rebel one time (not running) and almost laid it down trying to put one foot on the pavement. So I guess I’ll have to stick to horsies….a different kind of high!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Hi, Laura!

      You are quickly becoming my most active commenter. Thank you very much for reading so many of my posts and sharing your thoughts. I love it!

      You might still be able to ride an iron horse. 😉 More and more bike manufacturers are making bikes for smaller-stature people and many are now catering directly to women. You might want to check out the company “Roar”; it’s a woman-owned chop shop that customizes any and all bikes for women’s bodies. There is a link to them on my Biker Babe Tours Web site.

      If, however, you are shorter than, say 5′ 2″, it’s still going to be a challenge for you. I am 5’5″ and the height of my saddle to the ground is 26″. It’s just about as tall as I can muster. I can sit flat-footed, but there is no wiggle room for me. If you are shorter than 5’5″, you would need to shave the seat down or get a lowering kit on your bike.

      I encourage you to look into it if you think you’d ever want to try again. The whole industry has now shifted to include women and in my 30 years of riding, it’s never been better than it is now. Women represent the largest growing segment of new riders, so the manufacturers have to respond. I love it. Our numbers are too big to ignore (nod to Helen Reddy). 🙂

      Hugs to you, my horse-lovin’ friend.

      1. BigLizzy Post author

        Oh, my. Yes, you’re so right. The bike would be so low that you’d be scraping the ground. Not going to work, I think. Unless… you make piles of money and can get someone to build a custom bike for your frame–or–you go with a dirt bike that you can drop all of the time. Well, you can come ride behind me any time you want, sister. I mean it. Come get your fix. 🙂

      2. Laura P. Schulman

        Actually it would be very healing for me, in more ways than one. My previous experiences on the backs of motorcycles have lead to PTSD material–not because of the bikes, but because of the drivers. They figure prominently in the memoir I’m writing. You can read snippets of it at my rather neglected “other blog,” http://www.dinaleah.com

      3. BigLizzy Post author

        Awwww…sweetheart, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ll definitely head over to your other blog and take a read.

        Ya, riding as a passenger takes guts, too. And, a fair level of trust. It’s really too bad that the other rider caused you trauma around riding. No fun!

        You and I would ride as slow and soft as you need, honey. I totally get it. Sending you blessings and love today, Laura.

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Hahahahaha! Melanie, I love being called “Easy Rider”. That is AWESOME, honey! Your hubby had a Motto Guzzi– very nice! I love all motorcycles, honestly. Harley is my favorite brand, but all bikes are good. 🙂

      Those photos are amazing! I love them. I have seen the yellow and black one before but not the other ones, so thank you very much for sharing the link. I just love your blog so much, my friend. Hugs to you!


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