Heaping Praises on Yourself


Do you have any idea how amazing you are? No, really! Don’t roll your eyes. You are amazing. Right there, sitting there in your body, reading this post, pulling these words through your mind. No matter what your circumstances or what you have done in your life, good or bad, at your core, you are love and you are amazing. How do I know this? We all are.

Hey, it’s hard to be human; it hurts to be here. We make a great sacrifice to leave our happy, soft nest of warmth on the Other Side and incarnate again. We seriously take one for the human team when we come back here and work out our dramas and karma with each other. Of course, coming back to earth over and over is how we advance as souls, so there are huge benefits to us, but we all know that being human is not for wussies. It’s a pain in the keister to be here. So, my official stance is that YOU ARE AMAZING. Just for being here. So am I. Can you feel it? I hope so. If not, I have an idea to help you address it. Read on.

After you digest this paragraph, stop, close your eyes say to yourself (for at least five minutes): “I am amazing. My body is a miracle. I am amazing. My body is a miracle. I am amazing. My body is a miracle.” Keep saying it. Repeat this to yourself so many times that the words lose their meaning. Then, open your eyes. Do you feel any different? Was this hard for you? Did you resist the exercise? Did your ego step in and tell you to stop being full of yourself? What came up for you?

At first, for me, I felt kind of silly doing this. My mind/ego immediately started poking holes in the practice and telling me that it was stupid, but I kept going. After a few minutes, my head started getting a little bit buzzy. It was so strange. I got kind of floaty and tingly. And, weirdly, it felt like it made me high. I’ll be honest with you, I liked it. I liked how I felt when I came out of the practice. I was actually calmer and more centered. I felt happier.

Heaping praises on yourself is a great daily practice that can totally alter your outlook, instantly elevate your mood, and improve your health. It’s true. People who praise themselves and others are happier and healthier. And, here’s the kicker: you don’t even have to completely believe the praises you heap on yourself at first. Obviously, it works better and faster if you find things that you really like about yourself and repeat those, but even if you do not yet believe your own words, your subconscious will and miraculous things will begin happening for you. It’s like you get a reset. Your energy  becomes softer, more pliable and others all around you register it. It’s seriously fascinating to watch this happen. Anyway, try to do this practice for at least five minutes every day (but, ideally 15) and see what happens. Go on. Heap some praises on yourself. Then, come back here and share your story with all of us.

16 thoughts on “Heaping Praises on Yourself

  1. astraltravler

    Dearest Liz,
    Thank you for posting this blog. We share outlooks, and unhealthy behaviors about our bodies from our past. As I have been battling significant thyroid destruction, my metabolism is shot. Needless to say I can look at an apple and gain weight. Even through a period of “juicing” and many hours of exercise everyday, the minimal loss of weight became to much for me emotionally.
    It has taken a long time to accept that I will never have the figure as I did many, many years ago. I make a concerted effort to accept my body and focus on the positive rather than the obvious. I believe these affirmations are vital for a healthy positive outlook, and self esteem.
    Your Friend,

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Hi, Anastasia-sweetie! You are most welcome for the post; thank you for reading and commenting, my friend. I know what you mean. I think about cake and then gain weight; but now, I am okay with the weight gain, for the most part.

      My weight swings in either direction to the tune of 20 pounds, all of the time. I work out daily. I watch what I eat and I’m still 246 pounds; so, like you, I just had to come to grips with it and accept that I am healthy and leave it at that. It is not easy. I still sometimes struggle, but also like you, I realized that I can change my story.

      If we tell our bodies that they readily and easily lose weight and that becomes our new story, it would be interesting to see what happens. I’m going to try it and then report back to you. 🙂 Love you, sis. Keep on doing what you’re doing, darling. You’re doing great. XOXO

  2. Daile

    I needed to be reminded of this BigLizzy. You are amazing too my dear! Thank you. I am going to make an effort to be nicer to myself and heap on the praises! Unfortunately my issue is not my body at the moment but my mind. So I will be using as my mantra “you are amazing, you are worthy, you are wonderful” just to change it up a bit! HUGS to you xx

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Hi, Daile!!

      So glad that this post spoke to you. So what’s going on with your mind, honey? I like the idea of switching the words up to address personal viewpoints and meant to add that to the post, but it got away from me.

      You’re great, honey. I have so much fun on your spunky and funny blog. I see a post from you and just SMILE so huge. I love you, sis.

      1. Daile

        Thanks lovely lady!! It’s just life stuff getting me down. But I’m usually a pretty positive person so the downs can be difficult. But I’m ok. Just reminding myself how awesome I am helps! 🙂 xx

      2. BigLizzy Post author

        Awww…Dailey-babe, So sorry things are tough right now, but you know you’re a Goddess and here taking one for the human team. We’re grateful for your sacrifice, honey. You make this a much better and more loving planet just by being here and sharing your light. Let me know if there is ever anything that I can do to ease your burdens, sister. I love you! XOXO

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Pua Nani, Thank you so much for reading and commenting, sweet friend. And, I LOVE your poem. I just left you a comment on your blog about it. The poem is beautiful. Just like you, my sister. ❤

  3. karenperrycreates

    I’m going to try this today even though (especially because) I want to resist it. I’m going to add in that my mind is a miracletoo because that’s the part of me that’s having the hardest time with this. Then I’m going to tell my kids that they’re amazing and their bodies are miracles. We’re going to have a love fest. 🙂

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Karen! You are so, so cute! So glad you are going to give this a whirl, sweet friend. How fun! I also like that you are adapting the verbiage to fit your particular viewpoint. Perfect! And, the fact that you’ll also share this with your kids is the best part of all. I ADORE this idea. What a good mama-bear you are, honey. XOXO

  4. mariner2mother

    Yes!! We are some bad a$$ mo fo’s to pick to incarnate on Earth in these physical bodies. I am still working on how amazing my body is, and I thank you for the reminders!! Will have to do the exercise you mentioned. As I started reading this piece, the first thing that popped into my mind was a great video http://youtu.be/Cbk980jV7Ao . I don’t know if you’ve seen it. It’s called Validation, and is cool. My only critique of it is that the main character doesn’t know that his happiness comes from inside himself; always was and always will be.

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Oh, my sweet, Susan-babe,

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Mami. I have not seen that video, no. I’m headin’ over to do it now. Thanks for the link. You are so right about happiness coming from inside of us. It’s our birthright.

      We are so, so close to the Other Side and that endless well-spring of love and joy. We are so close to it at all times and have to merely close our eyes, invite the love and blessings to flow through us and from the larger part of us that stays on the other side. People are often so invested in thinking that they are victims, but it’s not true.

      You get it. XOXO

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Cristina. I am very much loving your blog on Romania. Your photos are simply amazing; they make me want to visit your country. 🙂


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