Feng Shui for the Body

Feng Shui is a fascinating, ancient, and mystical practice for attracting greater health, wealth, and well-being into one’s life by addressing certain aspects of the energy in one’s home and/or place of business. The practice can include altering the furniture placement, colors, accessories, or objects in your environment and even addressing the position of one’s home or building on its site. Feng Shui is a practice tied to Chi, or the universal energy, that’s inside of and flowing through and around everything on the earth plane, including our bodies.


Feng Shui, literally translated, means “wind and water” and refers to the movement of energy through nature’s topography: valleys, mountains, oceans, rivers, rocks, plants, and all planetary forms and expressions, such as our weather, atmosphere, and our planet’s energy meridians. So, reduced to its simplest forms, Feng Shui is about energy, the movement of energy. It stands to reason then that greater, more-balanced energy in our direct environment improves our relationships and feelings and contributes to a more healthful life.

If, for example, a room is dark, stale, and dusty, this carries an energetic frequency, one of a more negative bent. This kind of room weakens the Chi and, depending on the circumstances, can negatively affect your health and relationships. If, on the other hand, a room is sunny, clean, and the layout invites one to enter and relax, this contributes to brighter, more free-flowing thoughts, feelings, and expressions. This is a healthier room and will affect us in more positive ways. In Feng Shui, certain regions in the home, based on a specific geometric grid, directly affect various areas of your life: Health, Career, Relationships, Success, and so on.

Feng Shui fascinates me and although I’m a complete lay-person in the practice, several times per year, I’ll grab my Feng Shui books off of the shelf and leaf through them with an eye toward improving the energy in my home. When I recently pulled down one of my favorite books on the topic, Lillian Too’s coffee table book, it occurred to me that it might be interesting to think about how Feng Shui principles could be directed to one’s body.  A quick Internet search revealed just a few books (with not great reviews, honestly) and even fewer practitioners of this aspect of Feng Shui, not the wealth of information that I honestly expected. So, this post contains my anecdotal ideas for how to apply Feng Shui to the body.

  • fruitDiet – It probably goes without saying, but I’m a gonna say it anyway:  cleaner, higher-quality food contributes to greater health. Eating a balanced diet is vital to good Feng Shui for the body. Foods vibrate. They do. If you are even moderately sensitive, you can look at various foods and feel their level of vibration. For some, fats and heavy foods are a vibratory match, while for others, a diet of leafy greens and vegetables are the right vibration for their body. Your body tells you what foods are a better fit for you. Ask yourself: “How do I feel when I eat this?” What gets my energy moving best? Proteins? Carbohydrates? Ask your body for its opinion. It will tell you. For me, lean proteins and vegetables do the trick. But, this differs for every person. Not everyone can or even should be vegan or vegetarian, but you might do well to monitor the way you feel after eating different foods and eat more foods that match your vibration.
  • exercizeExercise – Again, I’m harping on a similar refrain that we hear from society all of the time, but there is a good reason for it. Moving our bodies is simply one of the best ways to get energy moving inside of us. Feng Shui is all about moving energy and actively creating environments and situations that augment instead of hamper your energy. It’s about creating more opportunities for Chi to flow. Exercise is a great way to do that. I’m all for moving the body because I feel better when I move. Good body Feng Shui has to include exercise and the resultant deep breathing and healthfulness that it engenders.
  • clothes2Clothing -Clothes that restricts blood flow and shoes that throw our spines out of whack are bad Feng Shui. Period. High heels damage our feet, change our gait, and hurt our hip and back alignment. Yes, current fashion rules dictate ridiculously tight, skinny-jeans, high-heels, and corset-tight tops, but this stuff is not good for our bodies and we know it. To have good body Feng Shui means that we do not force our bodies to wear things that are harmful to it or that will throw our system out of alignment. Again, ask yourself how you feel in different kinds of clothes, fabrics, and even colors. Your body will tell you.
  • peopleFriends and Acquaintances – This is a biggie. Feng Shui for the body has to include an analysis of the people with whom we surround ourselves and the kinds of relationships that we maintain. Some good things to ask: Am I happy with the people in my life? Am I maintaining any relationships that drain my energy or flat-out damage my sense of self-worth? Am I secure, loved, and supported in my relationships? People often maintain relationships for less-than-ideal reasons, two of the biggest being fear of hurting others or fear of being alone. But, our closest relationships reflect the quality of our lives, our decisions, and processes in life. Higher-quality people around us means that we’re making healthier decisions and inviting better energy.

Feng Shui for the body makes perfect sense. If we are going to use various methods to address the energy flow in our environment, it stands to reason that it’s a good idea to use the same, or similar, methods to address the energy in our bodies and personal lives. Addressing the areas where we can clean up the flow of energy is a good idea for all aspects of our lives. If we create more harmonious, healthier circumstances for the body, it improves the quality of our expressions; it clears the path for greater abundance, compassion, and peace. We are clearer and brighter and happier. Now, let’s go get our Chi on and do some Feng Shui for our lovely bodies!

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24 thoughts on “Feng Shui for the Body

  1. Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

    Hee hee – I wonder what it says about me that people refer to my office as ‘the grotto’ – it’s not messy – it’s just darkish, has some bats and skellys, pictures etc.. it looks like “my” office 🙂

    I totally agree about the clothing, exercise & food – I do my best work when I’m comfortable and not feeling conspicuous. For some comfort is in those more restrictive clothes – but for me…not at all. Bare feet and cotton skirts all the way! Thanks for the insightful writing.

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Ruta-Baby! I love this! Your office sounds like a dream, seriously. I’m uber light-sensitive so that sounds just lovely. I also happen to love October and Halloween and all of the associated imagery. This is my favorite month of the year. And, yeppers, I’m right there with you: loose clothing feels the best. Besides, loose clothing lets me eat more Halloween candy. Buuwhwhahahaha! XOXO

  2. Fresh Ginger

    Totally agree. And, even though it’s hard, I like to listen to my butt when it tells me what size pants it wants to wear … as opposed to that stupid number (that varies so greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer). Size Feng Shui! I has taken me a long time to learn to just wear comfortable pants instead of whatever size I think I’m supposed to be.

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Hey, my Fresh Ginger-sissy! Thanks for stopping by and reading, honey. I SOOO RELATE to your butt comment. I spent over half of my life cramming my be-donk into too-tight pants. Yeah, it looked a bit smaller when I did that, but at what a cost! I swear that tight clothing and crappy diets are what making everyone so damn cranky all of the time. No one likes crushed ovaries or abdominal pinch. OMG, I love what you wrote: “Size Feng Shui”! I can totally see a clothing brand emerging from this. We could call it BodyFengShui and the tag line could be: Clothes that care for your circulation! LOL! So glad you put your body’s needs before vanity. If only more humans would do this. You’re awesome, honey. 🙂

  3. mariner2mother

    I like how you’ve extrapolated Feng Shui to apply to other areas of life. I left uncomfortable clothes and shoes behind years ago. But I still like to look decent. As for relationships, over the past few years I’ve had some come and others go- and it’s been just fine with me. As for my house, I have no idea if anything about it is Feng Shui. I live with a pack rat and a borderline horder, so it can be a challenge to keep things uncluttered around here.

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Thanks, sweetheart! Yeah, I like to draw relationships between almost everything, because in my belief system, everything is connected and reliant on everything else here on the earth plane. Taoism has hugely influenced my thinking and philosophy in this way. It’s fun to see the light and dark, the male and female, the angel and devil in every aspect of life. I love that you left the uncomfortable clothing and shoes behind years ago. And, like you, I’ve had friends/relationships come and go over the past few years. It’s a vibration thing. When I vibrate at a different level, it blows out people who are not a match. I have come to accept this, but at the time, it’s usually painful. As for your house, even little changes can help, but if you live with a border-line hoarder, that’s a huge challenge, obviously. Good luck with your efforts, honey. Thanks for reading and commenting. Big, warm hugs!

  4. MELewis

    I love how you’ve applied the principles of Feng Shui to the body. It’s the first time I’ve read about this approach, but all of your examples are things I truly believe to be essential to well-being: the right foods, exercise, free-flowing clothing…not because somebody tells you to but because they really make you feel good. Keep that chi flowing!

    1. BigLizzy Post author


      My Frenchy friend! Thanks so much for the read and your kind comments, mon ami.

      You hit the nail on the head. All of these these things are vital to our health. You totally get it.

      I can feel your strong and vibrant Chi all the way over here in America, sweetie. Rock on with your healthy self! 🙂

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  6. melanie

    Bonjour Lizzy! 🙂 Have a great week and a classic French bonus: Brigitte Bardot – Harley Davidson… you’ll understand the lyrics: 🙂

    – – –
    P.S. BB & Serge Gainsbourg were lovers for a few months, he composed this song for her and the famous “je t’aime, moi non plus…”

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Melanie-baby! I LOVE BB and all Chanson music sooooo much! Thank you very much for posting this awesome link. BB is so beautiful and that bike, Ooof! It’s delicious. I wonder if the bike still exists? Merci beaucoup, mon ami! XOXO

  7. Pingback: I'm really into simple living and wrote a bunch of stuff about it - Wealthy Single Mommy

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Hey, “Im really into…” Thank you so much for coming over and giving my post a read and for the pingback to my Feng Shui post, my new friend. I visited your blog and am totally impressed with it. I intend to explore much more of it and am now following you. 🙂

  8. Pingback: FOOD, FENG SHUI & MAGIC: the ingredients for ‘HOT CHOCOLATE’ | stories from STORYTELLER

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Thank you so much, my sweet friend, Cristina from Romania. I really appreciate the kudos! I don’t typically do blog awards on BBB, because I simply don’t have the time to, but I do so appreciate your kindness in nominating me for it. Big warm hugs to you, sweetie! XOXO

      1. cristinasandru

        Hello dear Lizzy, I understand, anyway you have to know that your blog it’s inspiring and you’re doing a great job! 🙂
        Have a lovely winter,
        warm hugs from Romania,

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