4 thoughts on “Poetry Guest Post by Liz Casey

  1. Claudia Moss

    Just as I thought…the breath never fails! I enjoyed reading your poetry over on Jackie’s blog home! So vibrant and pulsing with life! It seems one thinks a question and the answer is ever there, ready to be read. I have discovered your pen not only is but has been hard at creating love! KUDOS, Lizzy-sis!!!

    Mucho amor y bendiciones,


    1. BigLizzy Post author


      Ha! You did get your answer immediately, didn’t you, mi amiga?! I ADORE how Source works in our lives and how it feels to be so dialed into it, so in the center of the path, the process, the feelings. It’s such an incredible dance, all of this. Isn’t it?

      Love, love, love…this is all about LOVE, delicious love. My heart sings with your friendship. Can you hear it? XOXO


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