There’s Nothing to Fear Here, Peeps, Part Two

Did you manage to unclench your tushy? Are you relaxed, open, engaged? Feeling happy? Good. Let’s go into this topic a bit more. As we all pondered together so nicely in Part One of this two-part post, there is ultimately nothing to fear from life on planet earth because:

  • We are collectively asking for a deeper awareness, a global, human-wide shift in consciousness and it is happening.
  • Evidence of mankind’s divinity is sprinkled throughout the world’s religions, books, artworks, meditations, and sacred texts.
  • We are vastly powerful electromagnetic/spiritual beings who are here for the sole (soul) purpose of expanding our consciousness, remembering our divinity, and to love.
  • Our expansion takes many forms, many passes to get it honed, and many permutations. There is nothing to fear in this process. We get the time, energy, and support to do the job of living and we live over and over.
  • We each made a life plan before we got here and are doing a wonderful job of working to our plan no matter the current circumstances of our lives.
  • We humans create reality, all of it (down to the tiniest detail; quantum physics pretty-much points to (proves) this; more on this topic in a future post).

background_heartSo, this means that you (we all) are safe. You are protected. You are guided by a team of people (energy beings) who stay on the Other Side while you incarnate and who support you, encourage you, and love you no matter what choices you make. You are helped at every step of the way. You are regarded, loved, and revered by God/Goddess/Source Energy for your contribution to the larger good, the collective expansion, no matter what you are doing, saying, living, or expressing. By being alive on the planet right now, you are here taking one for the larger human team because you are working through your issues, feeling your feelings, growing in each and every moment, making mistakes, learning from your mistakes, changing your behaviors for the better (ultimately) and getting closer to the truth, your truth.

Here’s the best part:

You do not fail at this. None of us can fail at this. We never get an “F” at the end of life. NONE of us fail. Not even the murderers. Yeah, I know. That’s an inflammatory statement for many people and it will cause reactions that range from “yeah” to “hell-the-eff-no!” But, that’s the beauty of beliefs. They are different for everyone. Anyway, maybe the murderers fail at compassion and they certainly fail in other people’s eyes while we’re all here and hashing it out together. They fail at sticking to a better plan for themselves and they cause lots of pain and unhappiness, but in my belief system, they—we all choose negative incarnations as one option in many and at one time or another. We all choose the negative so we can learn our way toward the positive.

Yes, we all pay some kind of price at the end, but it’s one of self-analysis and self-judgement, not judgement from on high. We are not judged by a supreme deity who demands obedience, submission, compliance, or piety and who, based on our actions in one measly life, sends us up or down. Not in my belief system anyway. God is way cooler than that and way more permissive than that.

Proof of These Assertions? For me, yes!

So, the one thing that you must do, if you are at all interested in piecing together the assertions in these two posts, is read the fascinating books by Michael Newton, PhD.
The books are Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. I read them with every hair standing up on my head. Literally, these two volumes changed my life, very swiftly and dramatically.

By reading just 20 pages in Journey of Souls, I was instantly freed from my horrible childhood, a childhood that had included awful physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. I was instantly released from the trauma, pain, and anxiety of my early years and I was freed from my long-standing disdain for my family unit. I instantly understood why all of it happened and further, how it all added to who I had become. These works explained everything so clearly, so pointedly, and so poignantly that I wept in relief and gratitude as I read. These books are amazing. And, they go a very long way toward proving what I’m asserting here.JOS

Mr. Newton is a highly educated psychotherapist who began investigating the use of hypnosis as a means of helping patients get past deeply ingrained emotional and mental “blockages”. Despite years of therapy and learning in great detail about how they themselves tick, some of his patients never seemed to progress. He observed that many of his clients would never seem to get past certain destructive “entrenched” behaviors. For example, they repeated the same relationships over and over. They repeated the same mistakes over and over. They had the same traumas over and over and those decisions that they were chronically making were adversely impacting their ability to heal, grow, prosper, be lastingly happy, or advance in therapy.

Newton’s quest to help people led him to become a licensed hypnotherapist and in the course of working with various patients who were open to using hypnotherapy in their healing, he discovered that he was incredibly good at regressing patients. Newton began chronicling his hypnosis practices and recording his patients’ sessions and then he made an astounding discovery. As he got better at regressing people, he noticed that all of the patients began talking, in vivid detail, about their previous lives. newton-instituteNewton, once a rather sober, scientific, and “show-me-the-proof,” learned man became a believer in reincarnation because the evidence was so irrefutable.

This man personally regressed some 10 thousand patients and before he retired, he trained therapists all over the world in his practices so that the work could continue. The “Souls” books chronicle many, many case-studies of patients who have visited past lives in therapy and also explored the in-between lives planning that we all undertake before we adopt new bodies. And, it’s worth mentioning that not all of Newton’s patients necessarily believed in reincarnation or had any propensity toward non-traditional belief systems. They were from all walks of life, all religious persuasions, all corners of the globe. But, one thing united them: Their very similar stories of “The Other Side” and what happens over there and the healthful benefits of this therapy. All of them were freed from the past “blockages” that had previously so plagued them and limited their healing.

Here’s what I know. We are well. We are safe. We are immortal. Our souls know what we are doing here at all times. We have a team of people helping us on this journey called life and for every life we enter into. We are not wrong. We are not sinners. We are not misguided or flawed or failures. We are not bad. None of us. If we have pain in our lives, it is up to each one of us to walk forward into the pain and learn from it. We can do this. We create our reality and we are powerful magnets for all life circumstances. There is proof of this all around us, all we have to do is entertain the notion that this could be true and begin looking, really looking.

Our “bad parents” or “bad spouses” or “shitty bosses” are our greatest allies because they help us expand. They agree to come in with us, be the adversary, and be the impetus for us to learn and grow. Our enemies are our greatest friends because they are willing to be the bad guy so that we get clear on who we are, our very real power, and our very active role in shaping our consciousness and lives. There is nothing to fear here on the earth plane. Every circumstance adds to who we are and we control a helluva lot more of it than we think. It’s all working out for the best even when it’s appears to be the worst. We got this. 🙂


9 thoughts on “There’s Nothing to Fear Here, Peeps, Part Two

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Hi, baby-girl, AstralTraveler,

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting here, honey. I smile when I read posts such as the one you point out; one, because everyone is coming at life from a different vantage. This person’s vantage is so real, so compelling, and so right for him or her. And, you know what, they are right. For them. They are not right for me or you or maybe others. But, they are right for them.

      Sweet-friend, we each create reality. This means that the reality they are espousing is real to them; it is the only reality for them. They can not know the reality that I create and in fact, because they fixate on a particular viewpoint, they “manifest” that viewpoint in the world. They think something and then look for evidence to support it and the universe complies with every request. The universe mirrors back to them what they put out into it. It does this for all of us.

      My viewpoint is different, honey. It’s all okay. Once we gain the freedom to be in our truth and know our truth, it matters not what others believe.

      I do not need the validation of others’ opinions or viewpoints. My truth is right for me. Your truth is right for you. It’s certainly nice when they overlap and we share certain beliefs, but this is not necessary for my happiness.

      What others do, say, or believe changes my perceptions, my knowing, in no way. I find other people compelling, but my relationship with my body, my creator, my soul, my essence, and that of God/Goddess is far more compelling to me than any other human being. They can be right and you can be right and I can right all at the same time. That’s how magical and amazing this universe truly is, babe. We are all right. It’s all accepted and all okay. So, smile in your soul and know your worth and know how very much I love you. I see you. I see the real you. If others do not, that’s okay.

      I love you, sis.
      Yours, BigLizzy

      1. BigLizzy Post author

        Oh, Astral-babe, I also meant to tell you that I TOTALLY get why you would get your feathers in a bunch about that person’s post. It’s not a nice post. But, nonetheless, you know your truth, honey and it is enough for you. Other people are where they are at with life and are asking for different things than us right now. But, we get each other. We get ourselves. So, that’s a huge blessing and all I need. 🙂

      2. astraltravler

        Dearest Lizzy,
        That’s why I Adore You! I learned a valuable lesson. You clearly identified a process that I chose to incorporate.
        I appreciate your honest, heartfelt reply.
        With Much Love and Gratitude,
        Anastasia 😊

  1. Pua Nani

    Hey darling just want to thank you for this fine post and again for the overall good vibes of your blog. I resonated with a lot of what you said here and decided to go read the two books that you mentioned. I’m really happy that I did; it has inspired me to reclaim some of my inner power which I had let slip away. A lot of the stuff elucidated in the books jibes with my own spiritual experiences but sometimes you need that reminder to help you reconnect. xo 🙂

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Pua Nani-babe,

      Awwwww…this is awesome, sis. I love that you went and grabbed the books and have been reading them. Such interesting stuff, eh?

      I totally know what you mean. Every single one of us knows this stuff on an inner level. We just ask for little reminders from the universe and when we’re ready, the reminders step forward and help us to get to the next level. I LOVE how this happens. I LOVE knowing that nothing is by accident but all by design. I LOVE knowing our true power here and knowing that Source is so loving and so expansive, it lets us do whatever we need to do in whatever way we need to do it. True freedom, honey.

      I also love knowing that you were reached and you asked for this and it came to you by the wonderful power of your attraction. You are ravishing, sister. You know what you are doing here. Rock on, babe!


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