An Open Letter to Your Body

My friend,

How are you? No, how are you really? I’ve been thinking about you so much these past few weeks and wondering if you can feel me. I’ve been wondering if, as you move through your day, you can feel my thoughts coming to you and moving over your being. Can you feel me: thinking, studying you, holding you in my mind, heart, and psyche?

So, as I’ve thought about you and your life, your bearing, and abundant presence, it only makes sense to reach out, tell you what’s going on for me, and hope that you can receive my words in all of the tenderness and adoration with which they were created. This is my love letter to you, body. Please…please take this in as deeply as you can.

You must know that when I see you, spirit in form, such sweet emotion rises through me. I gasp at your beauty, your contours, your radiance. It’s like you are lit from a fire that radiates outward in all directions. It’s staggering. I can see the light from you. I feel the energy of you, how you move, and where you hold yourself in. I do.

I can see what you carry and how you process the emotions and thinking of your caretaker. You, body, do such a wonderful job of processing what your caretaker hands you and you rarely complain until it becomes too big for you to parse in a healthy manner. I also see that when you receive what you need, you do not hold grudges; you heal, readily and look forward to the next adventure. You do such a good job of being ready and counted upon; it just delights me. I admire what you do with so little.

Further, I can feel when you struggle with the icy hand of hurt or when you bask in joy’s warm laughter. I can feel when you suffer or celebrate. I really feel you. I sometimes think that you can feel me, too. And, that makes me smile, suck the moment down into my body, hold it there sweetly while it spreads to the furthest reaches of my physicality, opening layers, penetrating the center of my molecules, touching, holding. Such riotous joy inside because of you. You, my friend, inspire me beyond description. I’ve written poems about you and how it feels to look at you. I’ve written pages and pages about you in my novel. I simply cannot get enough of you, body. I want more. I want more.

It’s our lot in life, isn’t it? That, despite what people believe, we are all intimately tied together in energy. We are all connected in the ether. There is no separation between any of us. Bodies register each other, don’t they? They know things the mind can never know. They handle things the ego can never evaluate, appreciate, or understand. Bodies are the gateway to the spirit. You know this. And, despite people’s reluctance to take ownership of their feelings and behaviors, our bodies always do. You, dear friend, do. So, this letter is to tell you what I see and hopefully give you a little boost if you need it or a quick pat if you are doing well.

I see a hardworking body doing the best, the very best, that it can to teach, receive, heal, help, grow, process, and protect. I see you working so hard. I see you doing exactly what is asked of you through your caretaker’s attention, beliefs, and choices. I see you accepting and accepting and accepting despite being largely unaccepted. You never waiver. You are a true, true friend, a solid partner in your caretaker’s growth and you receive so little recognition for the role you play in the expansion of their consciousness. But, you do the work, day in and out, year after thankless year. Well, I thank you.

I honor and accept your shape, your heft, your bearing, your light, and your darkness. I will never turn away from you in disgust no matter what you manifest. You are beautiful and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise (including your caretaker). YOU ARE A MIRACLE of evolution, a masterful design, an inspiration. And, you are perfect. Please know your perfection because I see it every time I lay eyes on you and it makes me swoon.

Know that in me, you will always have the dearest friend. I love you, sweet body. I love you.

❤ BigLizzy

8 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Your Body

  1. ridicuryder

    Big Lizzy,

    We are all connected in the ether. At times I examine my body as if it is a strange meat puppet I am temporarily housed in. After reading this I must also respect this phase of being (with myself) better. I regularly delight in the shape and sway of others…bodies are wonderous.

    I suspect you are a great dancer. 🙂


    1. BigLizzy Post author


      How awesome of you to stop by. You seriously just made my whole week, friend. Love, love, love your comments.

      Yes, I know what you mean about that perplexing moment when you look down at your body and go “What the hell am I doing in this thing?” I’ve had a similar sensation from time to time, mostly upon waking. It’s just this amazing rush of being free of the heaviness of the body in sleep (you know, astral travel stuff) and then coming back to the density, the intensity, and drag of flesh. It’s such an unnatural sensation. One moment, I’m quick and light and endless and the next, I’ve been whittled down to a finite point that’s almost oppressive. I get you COMPLETELY.

      As for loving the shape and sway, oh, dude. Like you, YES, YES, YES! Others’ bodies just entrance me. I LOVE them. I love my own, but other people are just so fascinating to me–the journey, the emotion, the heft of thought registered in their physical vehicles. I’m right there with you; it’s delightful and I’ll add to it that it takes my breath away, often. 🙂

      Ha! How did you know that I’m a good dancer? Yeah, I cut it up pretty well when I let that part of me out. Mostly, I keep the wild woman under wraps. I don’t like being the center of attention and my dancing is pretty, well, “expressive”, let’s say. LOL! I can tell that you move well, too. I mean, like me, you ride a motorcycle, brother, which is all about good balance, lack of fear, being a conduit for energy, etc.

      Thanks for the awesome chat, Mark. Such a pleasure!

      Love, BigLizzy

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Mel, How the heck did I miss this lovely nomination from you, my Frenchy-babe? Lordy, I’ve been in a funk. But, THANK YOU so, so much for this honor, and it is an honor coming from you, sis.Truly. Your blog is a huge part of my life. I laugh there. I feel deeply there and I enjoy myself with you. By anyone’s standards, that is friendship. Love you lots, mon ami! ❤

      1. MELewis

        No worries at all, dear Lizzy! I figured you had your nose to the grindstone of your novel and only coming up for air with the occasional post….in any case, it is a small but well deserved tip of the hat. Sorry to hear you’ve been down. Your posts are so generous and full of life and love that it’s hard to imagine you down in the dumps. I’m just the opposite – I bitch and complain a lot but keep a pretty even keel (although my family might say otherwise!) Thanks for the love, and please feel better soon! Bises xxx Mel

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