Got My Pigeon Back!

…sort of…as you can see from the following photos (that my hubby took of me in our cluttered studio and which inspired this impromptu post), I’m back to doing yoga every day and LOVING IT! Goddess, why did I ever stop? Oh, that’s right. Bulging disks, the holidays, working two jobs, life, stress, etc. Thaaaaat’s right.


Well, body lovers, I wanted to share these photos with you to simply re-affirm that every triumph, no matter how small, is good to recognize, celebrate, and pause long enough to let it into one’s core. Every success causes us to rise in energy or effectiveness or joy or consciousness and it’s all worth acknowledging. When one rises, we all rise. I have really missed doing my favorite pose, pigeon (aka, Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), and after four weeks of daily practice, it felt like a good time to try it. Ahhhh…


However, I have to be honest. At first, I balked at sharing these photos. Pigeon is not the most flattering pose. BUT, just as quickly, I realized that my entire blog encourages self-acceptance and pushing oneself to explore all of the nuances of feeling and behavior that results from the exploration. So, sharing these photos was what I very much must do, if for no other reason than to drill down on my discomfort, to short-circuit my ego, to live what I write on a deeper level (like when I shared the demodex photo with you some time ago). So, I forced myself to post these.

Is my pose perfect? By no means. Is the pose flattering? No, but yoga teaches us that acceptance is key. Breath is key. Trying is key. Staying present is key. Staying with the body is key. And, above all, accepting the journey, whatever it looks like. I get to accept that not every pose will be as deep as the day before. Not every pose will “look good”. Not every minute will you be successful at staying totally present in your asanas, but it’s okay. You might not be able to do pigeon or tree or cobra every day, but that’s okay, too. There is room for all facets, all phases, all expression. Just show up. Keep showing up for your body. Keep listening to your body. Keep loving your body.


It’s funny, but when my hubby snapped these, I was actually deep in the process of praising my body and thanking her for letting me do what I was doing. I was simultaneously feeling the delicious difficulty of pigeon, reveling in the sweat tricking, and glorying in my body for being so strong and flexible and wonderful. I L<3ve this.

So, there it is. Me, deep in yoga at the end of my daily practice, and loving the process of getting over my ego’s fear of being “less than beautiful”, which is funny because I am beautiful, even in pigeon asana. 🙂 What about you guys? Have you been celebrating the small triumphs? Have you praised your body today? Have you tried pigeon or any other pose that made you think and feel deeply? Talk to me. I live for it. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Got My Pigeon Back!

  1. Yoga Moods

    Yeah, girl! Beautiful! I used to despise pigeon and it is now one of my favorites, too. Good goddess I love your posts, especially the ones with your picture … they always bring a huge smile to my face. Thanks!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Jen!! Hiiii, honey!

      I was soooo thinking of you when I wrote this post. 🙂 I meant to comment on your last post about “tenting”, because I realized that I do that with my hands, too, and it’s brutal! I’ll come over and leave my comment. I’ve been a bad friend lately.

      Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting, honey! I LOVE pigeon. Love it, love it, love it. I swear, it just clears my whole body. Hard as it is, it makes me feel soooo good!

      The pose that I cannot stand is bridge. Ack! Just kills me. But, I’m gentle with myself when doing it, I go really slow and breathe deep, and I tell my body how good she is the whole time! I want to love it. Maybe someday I will!

      Well, speaking of love, I love you, sis. So nice to chat with you today, honey. Yoga kisses to you!

  2. Kelly Lawler

    Pigeon is so my favorite too…and I recall learning it and thinking it was insanely painful…and now it is a sense of ahhhhhhh…..I love your post, and your pics….now if we had the voice over!…xo

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Hi, Kelly, my darling friend!
      So, so glad you’re here sis and found this post fun. You and I are exactly alike. Such an “ahhhhh” in Pigeon now but when I first learned it, it hurt me. Ohhh…how it hurt me. So glad to hear that pigeon is easier for you now, too. I really miss doing yoga with you. Ha! a voice-over post would be a hoot! Remember at Disney when I did that voice-over for my demo on the documentation wiki. OMG, I had so much fun in the studio doing that. Such fun! The audio department over there was uh-mazing! Love you, my dear friend. Can’t wait to see you this week. 🙂 ::Happy dance!::

  3. MELewis

    Great to see you in pigeon pose, LIz! This is one of the most challenging yoga poses for me, along with anything involving hip or shoulder opening. I’m a warrior type, and love the strong, flowy poses but those stretches are a killer! Sometimes actually painful, which means I need to do more. We are all so different – and it is inspiring to see how our differences make each of stronger in different ways. Your post is highly motivational and a timely reminder to set ourselves small goals and celebrate every success. Keep ’em coming! Big bises xxx

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Darling, Mel!! Bonjour, mon ami! Thanks for coming by, sweetie. Yes, pigeon is a toughie. It’s weird and maybe you have noticed this, too, but some days I can just nail all of my poses while other days I struggle to do even mountain pose. It’s so odd. I guess that is the work though, right?! Have to stay present and do the best we can. Every day in yoga is different. It’s the most amazing practice. YES, like you, I love warrior and I LOVE sun salutations.They kick my little-big tushy, but I love it. 🙂 Well, chere, Mel. So nice to hear from you, sugar. And, as always, I so, so ADORE your witty, intelligent, heart-filled blog posts, your joie de vie, and your esprit! Beaucoup bises! ❤

      1. Nomzi Kumalo

        Likewise and you are always welcome dear Lizzy. I hope that you are enjoying your week. Looks like winter is trying over here. How is it over there? 🙂

  4. LB

    You are beautiful and inspire me to restart yoga. I was newly into beginning yoga right before the holiday and need to get back to it!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      LB-sissy!! Thank you so much for stopping by, sugar. I’m so glad you found inspiration in this post. Yay! Get your yoga on and let me know how you’re doing! Have you gotten a new bike yet? If so, send me a snap! XOXO

      1. LB

        I did get my new bike! A beautiful red softail slim. I took a wonderful 4 day ride through Kentucky in August, and of course have ridden many times since … although not lately given the freezing temps. Soon!

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