Body Poetry is Craaazy Cool!

Lately, I’ve been writing what I call Body Poetry and it’s pretty cool. What is Body Poetry?  It’s poetry that bubbles up from the body consciousness to the mind, not the other way around as is typical with writing poems.

This is how I do it. I sit for a few minutes, close my eyes, breathe deeply into my core, and ask my body to give me sensations, feelings, or words. I invite my body to talk with me. It takes a long time for me to center and still myself long enough to hear, really hear my body, and not trample what I’m receiving with my mind. But, I’m getting better at “hearing” my body with practice. Sometimes I get physical sensations in a particular area. I then zero in on that area and ask “What do you want to say to me? I’m listening.”

The first few things that came through me were really odd, like stream-of-consciousness stuff that seemed to have little coherence or meaning to my current circumstances; here’s an example of something that recently came from the area of my chest and ribs:

yellow curl
heart-scape sealed
grab air

My heart said these things, or “breathed” these words to me as I meditated. I had to wait a while for the words to come up from my body and settle softly in my mind. It’s hard to describe what’s actually happening when I do this, but the words flit through me really fast from way deep in my body. I didn’t understand the meaning of the words that first came through me, but I made sure to hold them, welcome them, feel each one, and live there inside of them for a few minutes. Then, when I traced the words back down into my body, they were crowding my heart area and their meaning became clear. I realized that I had been guarding my heart toward someone because I was recently offended by them. At the time, my mind had quickly and dismissively characterized the whole episode as “their problem”, but when I held the feelings and traced them deeper, I found that my heart was actually still stunned and a bit sore from the exchange between us.

So, my heart’s message was one of curling inward, yellowing, and sealing off. In looking for a connection with the other person and getting nothing in return, my heart then went away with a residue of pain and carried this pain until I asked it to tell me what was going on. And, when I held the words and asked where they were from, the person’s image loomed up in my mind and my heart constricted. Ah-ha! To get this message from my heart was profound. To see that my heart has its own code, it’s own language, and its own presence, aside from the rest of me, was so moving. And, it’s only continuing to deepen as I continue to do this kind of work.

So, I’ve been practicing this a little each day. I can tell you this: My belly wants to and likes to speak. My belly often speaks of force, strength, will, and drive. It often holds a simmering impatience and irritation. But, staying with the static from my belly longer, reveals something else inside all of that bluster and bravado; there’s a supple tenderness, a wish to protect, a yearning to be really seen and considered and loved. And, oh, my Goddess, my belly loves to be touched! She asks for it all of the time. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve found that the loudest feelings are often covering up my more gentle ones; the loud stuff is masking my vulnerability. It makes sense, but until I actually “lived there” with a deep concentration, I was missing all of this.

I have a particular person in my life, whom I adore and who is energetically in my body alot. This person gives me unending pleasure to ponder, sift, feel, and hold inside. When I dial in and ask for belly emotion, his face sometimes looms up inside of my mind, and then I feel such body joy, such pointed awareness of his physicality, his “essence”.  I get chills and radiating blue electricity inside my core and can actually feel my Chi radiating outward; it’s so pleasing. He’s incredibly tangible and physical for me. So, with the help of my belly (and some attention from my mind also), I wrote this poem:

Wanting to gently pull from youjournal_pages
a confession
softly uttered
in the stillness

a never-ending night

the barely audible
but steady
timbre of your voice
carrying the weight
of a thousand years
inside it
carrying me open
and down into your
as you bare
who you are
at that moment
in the darkness
and use your
to ease the
latches of
my core places
open and
loosen points of
into the eaves
where they breathe
and blink above us
like night on
the mountain
your name
through me
over and over.

This is my belly wanting deep recognition, a confession that he feels as much as I do; it’s a sweet, soft, and pure recognition of the fact that he and I have known each other before now; it’s a longing to hear his words about that experience, our experiences together, then and now. As he speaks, my body opens and becomes his body; parts of me that are usually hidden are gently unlatched and the light of those energies is freed into the corners and eaves of the room where they blink like stars in the night, on the mountain, which has its own messages and mantra. It’s about trusting that this person, whom I’ve let into my core is gentle enough and reverent enough to know what a big deal it is for me to have him there. Few people make it into my core, so this is a significant shift in my energy paradigm. To be honest, it scares the hell out of me to have someone so inside of me like this, so deep, and so prevalent, but my belly largely dictated this reality, so I’m going with it. I’m holding the energy despite my fear.

I think I wrote about this before, but some years ago, I had the pleasure of talking with a psychic that could receive messages from a person’s body parts. She told me that my left knee was unhappy about some of the things I had been saying about it to other people. I was stunned at first and then incredibly apologetic. I begged my knee to forgive me. I simply didn’t know that the body listens to us so intently and never regarded the body as having its own code, it’s own consciousness, its own “life” outside of me, the soul and psyche operating it. Well, I learned such a valuable lesson that day. The lesson has obviously stayed with me. The body poetry work that I’m doing now is an extension of that work from so many years ago. It’s delicious.

Today. These are the words that came from my body:

Heart says: “blue haze quiet longing”

Belly says: “sifting
memories through layers
edges of meaning
holding you
holding you and me”

My left knee says: “walk into future”
My lower back says: “need change need”

Interesting. So, so interesting. I have a feeling that big shifts are coming for me. My body is telling me in advance. I can feel it coming and I’m ready! What about you? You wanna try this? Please do and leave some comments about your experience; or, better yet, write a guest post. Would L<3ve that!

14 thoughts on “Body Poetry is Craaazy Cool!

  1. mariner2mother

    So, this post begs the question, hearing what your body is saying to you, especially your lower back, are you not only hearing it, but acting on it? The wisdom you are garnering from your body is what everyone should be striving for: direct connection. You are so very brilliant, my dearest soul sister. Just brilliant!

    And just so you know, I absolutely love that you are putting your body’s messages into poetry. It is literally inspired!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Susan-Love! Your heart and words help me absolutely beam, sis. I mean it. You are like a vitamin B shot. Your energy just catapults through me. My body loves you very much. 🙂

      So, the poetry comes naturally for me. Poetry, for me, is the language of the body; it’s the language of nature. It’s the language of soul. What I have to temper is the urge to edit the words that come from my body. Editing, as you know, is from the mind/ego/judge. I have a hard time just letting the words be what my body parts want them to be, which is why I adore this exercise so much, as you can guess.

      As for taking action, yes. I’m really good about that. I ice my back daily. I get up every 20 minutes. I take laps around the house when in meetings and when I do not have to be seated at my work machine. I diaphragmatic breathe. I work out daily. My back has been less patient with me lately and all the sitting that I do. But, since I’m a writer, there is little changing the over-all paradigm. I make a living with words and words are wrought at the machine at my desk. But, yes, I have made all of changes that I physically can. I even have a treadmill in my office at which I stand or walk for a portion of each day. But, now comes the energy work, the emotional work. And, sis, lemme tell ya, it’s happening. As much as I resist it, I’m getting lots of practice lately. 🙂

      How are you? How is your darling, light-infused, and brilliant son doing? How is your hubby and your life and your heart? I can’t wait for you to visit. I’m gonna squeeze you so hard and so long. Make sure you eat protein that day. Hahahahaha! I adore you…

      1. mariner2mother

        So happy to hear you’re loving your lovely body. Re-entry from my workshop the other weekend has been a rollercoaster. Thankfully, a talented intuitive gal helped me do some integration work yesterday. My Little Man has had a very tough year, but with the beginning of his third trimester underway, he’s not behind in his work- and that is a big deal in keeping stress low. I am very much looking forward to our road trip, as is my man. And, of course, I can’t wait to meet you!

      2. BigLizzy Post author

        Susan,’s so good to hear that you did some integration from your workshop. 🙂 Now that my schedule has freed up a tiny bit, let’s see if we can add in a Skype meeting here and there to connect with each other. Your son has the best mama on the planet to work with him and help him through this incarnation. I have no fear for him at all. I know it’s really difficult and some days you wonder how the hell you’ll go on, but you know the wealth of help (both seen and unseen) at your disposal. I love asking my guides to go talk with his guides to work through stuff. This leaves the details to Source and removes my judgement or impulse to control things. Our guides readily and happily do this. I do this when having challenges with others all of the time. It’s such a cool exercise. You know all of this stuff, sista. Can’t wait to squeeze you and your hubby! ❤

  2. Yoga Moods

    I am going to try this! Thank you, Liz :). It is amazing how the body has its own consciousness. I’ve recently – finally – learned that what we say to and about our bodies is so powerful. Even something like acne, which I’ve struggled with and which I’ve allowed to make me very self-conscious at times, really responds to words spoken with LOVE. Focusing on what’s wrong never works! I’m going to ask my body parts some questions today. Much love to you.

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Jen!! So cool that you’re gonna try this, sis. Love that! I would love if you come back and share your insights when you do. I so get the acne thing and how upsetting it is. While I’ve never had acne, I do have rosacea on my left cheek that’s incredibly resistant to treatment and so vexing! It drives me up the wall. So, I’m going to try dialogue with my cheek/body to find out what this is all about. I think it’s pointing to a need to be more authentic, to be myself, and be okay with it. But, that’s from my mind, so I need to find out what’s below the judgement.I really like your idea of imbuing the area with love. I’ll try that! Thanks, honey. It’s always so nice to hear from you, baby-girl! XOXO

  3. NowICanEatCake

    So crazy cool! I am so trying this! It sounds like an amazing way to get in touch with my body, mind and soul. It might even help with some of the health problems I’m having…a sort of detox. You, my love, are a ROCK STAR!!! Sending much Love your way…xo

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Joanna!! Hey, mama!! How have you been, sugar? So good to hear from you. I love the idea of you trying this to detox. When I drill down on it, I *see* you sitting in a comfy position, closing your eyes, and mentally releasing toxins into the receiving earth. It’s so cool. I can actually see your cells releasing the crud and it’s exiting your body in a safe, calm, and loving manner. You could say to it: “Peace be with you; I release you.” It’s so healing to thank the crud for getting your attention and then asking it to go. I have chills, honey! Please stop back by and let me know how it works, sis. I’m so excited for you! Love you so much, my friend. XOXO

      1. NowICanEatCake

        I have been struggling, but I am okay. Just working on keeping my head above water. Your post came at the perfect time! I will be sure to keep you posted on my progress. Love you, too!!! xoxo

      2. BigLizzy Post author


        Totally get it, honey. Okay, I just meditated for a moment and have asked guidance to speak for us here. This is the message:

        You are more loved that you can ever fathom. The love that the angels and higher realms have for you is endless. You are cherished and bathed in that love at all times. You are held in the highest esteem by all of the realms. You are never alone.

        Your struggles are recorded. They are meaningful. They do add to all that is and they help you expand as a soul and, further, your struggles here help other people to expand. The struggles hold a gift for you in their hands. Look for the gift.

        You are here for a reason and that reason is being shown to you through these physical challenges that you are having. It’s difficult. We get it. But, it is necessary for the expansion and you want freedom. You want to know that you have the love and power that you need to heal; it’s all available to you.

        Inside of your body is the code for healing. You can access the code. You can do this. Thoughts are vital to the process. Watch your thoughts. If you can, choose thoughts that feel pleasing to you versus thoughts of despair or worry or angst. Choose to laugh when you can. Cry if you must. Don’t suppress stuff, but know that in any moment, you have two choices.
        Maybe you need to cry in a particular moment so do that and know that you are supported in any expression of your emotion.

        When you can, choose to giggle. Feel your connection. Talk with your body. Ask it to tell you what it needs. Ask it to give you a more gentle conversation if it can. Ask God to help you parse the messages being sent by way of your body so that you can leave the physical challenges behind. Once you get the message parsed, you will leave these physical challenges behind because you won’t need them anymore.

        Please know that I hold you in light and love always. I have asked Healing angels to visit you and support you, sis. I love you so much and I know that you are not in any danger. No matter what, you are safe, even in seemingly dangerous situations, you are safe. You got this!

      3. NowICanEatCake

        Thank you so much! This is such an encouragement! I will come back and read this any time I feel discouraged or down! I just know that everything will be okay soon. You are such a bright spot in my life! Thank you dear Lizzy…Thank you!! ♡♡♡ Much Love….xo

  4. Frances D

    Perhaps my own left knee and back sent you a message – I have been badmouthing them lately. I need to start treating my body more like a temple; then perhaps it will send me some lovely poetry and sing songs to me from within. Sending good vibes. Muah!

    1. BigLizzy

      Frances-LOVE! So nice to hear from you. It’s been too long since you’ve shared your sunshine, babe. I like what you wrote here. I like that you’ve learned this. Thank you for sharing. It’s all good and everything is perfect. I have an idea for you. For five minutes per day, settle yourself, breathe deep, and ask your knee and back how they are doing. Ask your parts to talk with you and wait for their answers. Breathe and wait for the answers that will come from deep in your body. Ask your bits to forgive you for your negative words and if it feels right, assure them that you will watch your words more carefully. Then, PRAISE your knee and back for the dialog. Tell them how much you appreciate them or whatever your words need to be. You will experience a miracle. I promise you. Much love to you, my sweet friend! ❤


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