Being on Fire, All of the Time

Admit it. From reading the title of this post, you think this is a diatribe about menopause, don’t you? I would. I mean, yeah, everyone who is in female body this time around goes through it. Most of my readers are female. And, many of you know that I’m knee-deep in the “change” and physically hot much of the time. But, no. This post is not about menopause. I’ll spare you that particular madness today. LOL!


Artwork, thanks to unsplash, which gives us beauty, freely:


No, this is a post about living wide open, living on fire. It’s about allowing our bodies to channel energy, consciousness, feeling, thought, and experience in a greater capacity; it’s about accepting that we are conduits for spirit and aligning ourselves with that primary thought. It’s about how to lay down the barricades, let experiences live inside of us, pull deeper meaning from the tissues of the body, grow from the exercises, and contribute a more authentic part of the self to all that is. In short, this post is imploring you (and me) to turn “on”. I want us to walk forward in life, gilded by the fire of self-awareness, knowing that we are never alone, never abandoned, never truly damaged by anything, not even death.

Ambitious, I know. Not sure I can do this topic total justice, but you know me: I’ve got lots of words and I’m going to use them. I’ll do my best and am counting on you to tell me if I fall short.

oneFirst rule of being on fire all of the time: Accept that everything you feel is good, right, makes sense, and has a place. Everything we feel is right. Are you feeling so angry that you could kill someone today? It’s okay. That feeling is right. You have every right to feel that way. Those are not “bad” feelings. They are just feelings. Feel your feelings. Know that your emotions are always there for a reason. You aren’t making this shit up. Some people suck. Some people are cruel to us. Some people, in the expression of their own harm, offer harm to us (that we then decide to pick up, let in, and work with). Your feelings about anything going on in your life are always right, true, good, and useful to you.

It’s what we do with the feelings that counts. It’s about digging out, from deep inside of us, what the feelings mean, and their origins. So, how do we accept that our feelings are always right? We think about them. We observe when we are having them. We identify them. For example, “Oh, this is anger. I’m angry. Why am I angry about this? What’s below this anger? What’s the message that I’m taking from this person’s behavior? What are my thoughts associated with this episode of anger?”

We can then seek to dialog with the feelings and trace them back down into the depths, into the core places, to the beginning. Why am I angry? Pause. Let the question float into your body. Feel it there. Find the spot where it lives in your body. Your epiphany will come. “Ah, I see now. This person’s behavior triggered some thoughts in me that go all the way back to childhood about feeling less than okay in my family. Ah. I see. This person’s behavior is a message that I maintain about not being good enough. Okay. I get it now. These feelings are valid and merely indicating a part of me that I’m animating in this moment. I want to dig into this more. I want relief from this and I want to take responsibility, so I’m going in…deeper…”

This practice of accepting feelings takes some people an entire incarnation (or more). Just this one step. But, if you can get to the place of largely accepting that your feelings are right and a result of your thoughts, your core beliefs, you are living on fire. You are living a more healthy life. It’s a simple-sounding thing to do. But, it takes real work. It takes astuteness. It takes being awake and being present. It takes a willingness to be responsible. Your feelings and thoughts are your responsibility. You created them. If you can also accept your emotions, you are ahead of the game. Now, go forth and own how you feel, invite your feelings in, hold them, understand them, ask questions of them, get to the source of why you react the way that you do, know that your emotions will shift when you are ready, and thank your feelings for telling you about the thing that you wanted to explore. If you do this one thing, you’ll see your life open up in miraculous ways.


Second rule of being on fire all of the time: Accept that there is more going on in your life than what you can physically see. The physical manifestations of energy, what we physically see in the world, are varied, rich, and infinite, but they are only half of the picture. There are truly countless things happening below the level of our perceptions, in what I call the soul-level consciousness, that directly impact how we move through and create this world.

I love the Pierre Teilhard de Chardin quote that says: “We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” Yes. Like it or not. Believe it or not. We are spirit in physical form. We come back here to earth for a core reason that is often only known to us in our souls. Some people can get right in there and find out what that core reason for their being is and then move on it. While, others struggle to understand it or grasp it and may never know. But, it changes nothing. What we see is not all there is, regardless of what “ology” or “ism” or “non-belief” you might entertain in this lifetime.

How can you sense this? Close your eyes. Call in one of your spirit guides (whether you believe in them or not). Ask your guide to give you a sensation in your hand or leg. Wait for it. If you train yourself, you will be able to feel them show up. You will feel something. Still not convinced? Walk into your room angry and see how your dog or cat reacts to you. Watch the energy emanating from your physical body in the reactions of others. THIS IS WHAT’S REAL. You are sensing the invisible realm that is at the core of all life, the spirit, the Source of all that is, the impetus for all things, and it is each of us. We are extensions of Source energy in physical bodies.


Robert Lanza, M.D.

Need more? You can read this life-changing book: Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the Universe by the esteemed and amazing, Robert Lanza, M.D. (AKA: God in the flesh). I guarantee that this one book will change your life forever. You could read 500 other books and never arrive at the shores of this particular truth so concretely and so satisfyingly. Yeah, the book is dense and quantum-physics-central, but don’t let the math and density scare you. If I can get it, you can, too.

This book explains mankind’s “universe” in a mere 207 pages. You will never, ever be the same. You will never look at your feelings, thoughts, or behaviors in the same way. You will be freed from your past, freed from your limited focus, freed from your narrow ideas about what it means to be alive. You will finally understand that true life is what’s going on in the invisible realms and it includes the physical stuff, but the physical is just a result of the invisible, the consciousness called you. Physical manifestations: bodies, cars, books, trees, mountains, etc. are all coalesced by your consciousness, my consciousness, not the other way around. We create matter. Plain and simple. We do. These things do not exist at all without our consciousness directing them, shaping them, molding the molecules. And, humanity is getting very close to proving this.

threeThird rule of being on fire all of the time: Accept that your body is your fastest and biggest ally in growing your consciousness. You cannot get what you came here to do done without your physical body. You cannot live without your body. Your lovely body is how your spirit advances. It’s how you get what you came to manifest manifested. Your body is vital to your growth as a consciousness, a soul; it’s necessary, right, and good. Your body is the quickest messenger and “manifester” of your thought and feelings. Your body is your first and closest barometer for the direction of your thoughts. Plain and simple. If you’re sick, that means you are resisting something. What? Find out.

If you can get to the point where you can accept that your body, right or wrong, sick or well, fat or thin, is your chance to expand as a soul, you’ll be living on fire; you’ll be living a more authentic experience. The fact is, our bodies are giving us lessons that we chose to work on before we even got here. Don’t blame your body for the lessons that you chose to come in and work on; it’s not your body’s fault that you are unwell. Your body made an agreement to work with you and you need it, so love it. Your body (like everything you experience) follows your thoughts, every time, without exception. The more compassion and love you can show your body, the faster you will expand, the quicker you will heal, the faster you will get your lessons done, and the richer your experiences will be.

So. Let’s make a vow to live on fire all of the time. Let’s make a decision today to let life pull through us and accept the permutations of experience that we draw to ourselves for the purpose of expanding. Let’s know, at our core, that what we feel is right, that we can act from feelings without consciousness or we can act from feelings with great precision and reflection. Both work, but one brings us greater gifts. We can decide to accept our feelings, accept the unseen help and support that is all around us, and accept that our bodies are a very vital part of this journey. And, finally, we can use the fire that we generate to eliminate what no longer serves mankind: self-recrimination, fear, hatred, judgement, lack of responsibility, and so on.

I don’t know about you, but I’m burning. My office is now filling up with the sweetest smoke. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Being on Fire, All of the Time

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Susan-babe!! Thank you so much for the read and comments, sugar-pie. I love that: “Brain-candy”. HA! That is an awesome description. My mind is delighting in it. Hope you like Mr. Lanza’s book. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve read in several years. It really stretches one’s awareness of just how vital we are to the physical universe. Big love to you, sis. ❤

  1. Frances D

    The post was on fire – sizzling. I am now post menopausal and I went through it without any hormones/medications. I was not hot – actually I was totally sensitive to cold. Glad I made it through – this is an awesome time of life. Sign me proud to be a Crone!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Frances, my sweet sister, my lovely Crone Goddess! I love what you wrote here. It’s so amazing to me that you were cold during menopause; that’s astounding! I’m so hot all of the time, but like you, I welcome the process. I welcome aging. It’s been a crazy journey, but I wouldn’t pay any amount of money to be anywhere other than where I am in life. I’m learning so much at this time. I love you. I still intend to Skype with you soon, but my schedule has been totally whacked with this second job. Soon, sweetie. We have to do it soon. Love you, honey!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Awww…Becki-babe, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your sweetness here, honey. Means so much to me to know that my words and work speak to you. I love you so much, my darling friend. I haven’t gotten to see enough of you lately, babe. We need to to fix that! Come ride with me…:)

  2. MELewis

    Lizzy dear, you have inflamed my morning! You have a way of making the mind-body connection real for me by talking about it in a very down-to-earth way. And thanks for sharing the book on biocentrism – it looks fascinating and is now on my reading list. Stay fired up my friend! Bises xx

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Hi, Mel, my dear Frenchy!!
      So good to see you here, sweetness and so glad that you found some “fire” for your morning. Ya, Robert Lanza’s book is incredible. I could actually feel my consciousness changing shape, expanding while I read it. That was the coolest thing ever. A couple of times, the ideas presented were so blowing my mind that I had to set the book down and chew the materials for several hours. I could definitely feel the “limits” of my mind/ego’s abilities to comprehend what Lanza was saying. I kept saying to myself the whole time: “If this stuff is true, it changes everything.” Love, love, love this book. I hope you do, too. Oh, and i LOVE you, my friend. Your blog and heart are two of my favorite places in the universe. Beaucoup bises to you!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Well, hello, Butterflyface! So nice to meet you, honey. Thanks for coming over and giving a read and leaving your kind comments. I’m glad you liked this post. I just popped over to your blog and started digging into your content. I really like how you write about your kids and call them 19 and 18; that cracks me up. I look forward to reading more of your posts. You can stop by any time with your sunshine, my new friend. I love it. 🙂

      1. butterflyface

        wow, thank you so much! that really means a lot to me.I love your writing and spend so much time reading your posts. I am very new at all this and very nervous about my writing, and how my blog looks. so again, thank you so so much. I welcome any constructive critisism 🙂

      2. BigLizzy Post author


        It is such a huge compliment to me that you have taken time to wade through the evidence of my messy mind (and life) here and felt willing to share your thoughts with me about it. You honor me, sis. I’m truly appreciative for the connections that I get to make with such bright people by way of this blog.

        Speaking of blogs, your blog is great. Keep going. Keep digging through the layers of yourself and sharing yourself with the world, so that we may stand and bask in your particular brand of energy. You are the only one who can bring your special light to the world and the world needs it, honey. So let it loose, often.

        This brings to mind a quote by one of my favorite people on the planet, Brene Brown: ” Vulnerability is our most accurate measure of courage”. Be vulnerable as much as possible, be in your truth, be real, be authentic. Your writing will reflect it and the universe will thank you in spades.

        I’m excited to journey with you through your writing. I’m following your blog now. Yay!


      3. butterflyface

        What a wonderful quote, and an immence vote of confidence too. You are a true star, lets see what happens then 🙂 Agin, thank you so much x

  3. hamletc1602

    Last night I dreamt that I was vaporized by an errant missile. My energy pattern floated away with the plasma and was imprinted on a spool of decorative ribbon at a hardware store. In the process, something told me my spirit name, which, of course, I had no clear memory of when I woke up, though it sounded Mandarin?

    I’m reasonably certain this is simply my brain’s reaction to learning Mandarin and spending far too much time in hardware stores lately (bookshelves), but it was very interesting and far different from my usual dreams. Is your personal reality infringing on mine Lizzy? 🙂

    Sorry for the off-topic, but your ‘Living on Fire’ reminded me of my ‘being plasma’ experience. I think you’re so right. However you phrase it, we need to live our lives like we’re exactly who, where and when we should be, and just rock it! Anything else is simply a waste of the brilliant uniqueness of the energy pattern embodied in each one of us.

    1. BigLizzy Post author


      Oh, oh, oh, my friend. You have just made my entire month with this comment. Your words here are so incredible, so full of layers, meaning, and profoundness that I had to sit here reading what you wrote over and over. As I read your words, I felt what you were feeling in the dream. I got the “download” as I like to call it. What a dream!! I absolutely love how spirit works, how when one is open, an open channel, nothing is impossible, nothing is too hard or closed off to us. Everything is accessible and possible. So, I experienced the elements of your dream in my third eye as I read and I could feel the expansiveness of your incredibly loving and infinite soul as it moved out and coalesced with other objects and was transmuted. In a word: breathtaking.

      This was a very important dream for you, honey. I feel it. I wouldn’t be so sure that this is just a reaction of your mind to recent circumstances, though our minds (and guides) use familiar objects and circumstances to convey deeper meanings. The qualities of the dream tell you that it was much deeper. Look inside, go back to the dream, taste it. This was a big one. You were in touch with some really deep stuff in the universe and you were seeing your true self: light, energy, love, movement, and consciousness. The fact that you came here to share it with me moves my heart so, so much. I’m incredibly appreciative.

      As for our personal realities, my dear, sweet, brilliant friend, what I love knowing is that in spirit, there is no separation between us. Only connection. It’s true of the physical, too, but much harder to feel when we are in bodies. We think we are all apart, when in reality, there is no separation between us at all. You over in your area of the world and me over here in mine is meaningless. We are less than two inches apart. Spirit is the bridge between us and you and I are used to walking that bridge routinely. So, I’ll meet you on the bridge, babe. We can toss stones into infinity together. 🙂

      And, as for your amazing words here: “Anything else is simply a waste of the brilliant uniqueness of the energy pattern embodied in each one of us.” I’m seriously drooling. I needed you to come in and cap it all off with that. YES! So true, so dead-on, so satisfying. That’s exactly what I would have said had I been able to slide into the molecules a bit deeper and get there. THANK YOU very much, my brother. I cannot wait to meet you and your lovely wife. I cannot wait. So loving your profound ass right now… 🙂

  4. love

    I am burning. And I am rather burned. Raw. Crude. All reddish. But the skin renews, does it not? Having been on fire….I cannot bear to quench it. And so I exist in a crude way rather. I glow. I chose love without denying fear.
    I am so happy to be back on WordPress after a year of pretty much no internet. I heartily welcome you and your wise words back into my life dear Lizzy. x

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      LOVE, MY Sister!! Ooooo…I’ve gone all tingly with these words of yours. Yes, the burning and then the renewal, the cooling, the coalescing, the core of knowledge that comes after the trials. I LOVE what you wrote here. “I glow”. YES YOU DOOOO! I can see your glow all the way over here and I’m warmed by it, babe. You go on with your bad-ass, glowy, delicious self. Stop by and feed any time you want. Great to have you back, honey. XOXO


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