Hey-O! I Have Not Died

Big Body Beautiful friends!


It’s been months and months since I’ve checked in with you and for that, I’m sorry. I’ve missed all of you so much and this, my beloved Bloggy, well, it’s been acutely painful to be away. Please know that I’m fine. Things have been nuts, however. In the past several months, these are some of the things that have happened in my life:

  • I got laid off from my full-time Senior Technical Writing job (of nearly five years). Boo!
  • I landed another Technical Writing job two weeks later (unheard of, I know!). Yay!
  • I now physically commute 8-12 hours per week to said new Technical Writing job (it’s in Scottsdale. I’m in Sedona, so two-hours each way). Ugh!
  • My hubby tried to win another seat to the World Series of Poker (it would have been his third time there), but sadly just got knocked out last night. Sad!
  • Due to my husband’s absence, I’ve been sole care-taker for our two sweet cats, sisters, who both have kidney disease. Even sadder!
  • We’ve been remodeling two houses, a rental that we are now selling and our current house that we still live in and want to scream from the noise, dirt, and mayhem. KMN!
  • I’ve written another 30K words in my SciFi novel. Yay!

I’ve got some great posts planned for you all soon and I hope, hope, hope that you all still love me enough to forgive the absence and drop your thoughts here, whatever they might be. Let’s get our Body-Love going again! What say ye?  ~Big Hugs from your Big Lizzy!

26 thoughts on “Hey-O! I Have Not Died

  1. mariner2mother

    Welcome back!! Your commute sounds made for listening to audio books. But too long. I was away for most of June, and caught a bug on the plane home. But finally almost back up to speed. Awesome job on working on your book! Looking forward to more blog posts. Missed you!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Susan-LOVE! Hiiiii! So good to hear from you, sister. I saw your FB posts about being in Florida. How fun and yummy that all was for you. I laughed when I saw the post where you were saying it was hot. I looked at the weather report for Scottsdale that day; it was 118 degrees. Hahahahahah! OMG, it’s hot down there. But, Florida is hot, too, and even more so if you’re not used to it. I use my commute as quiet time and sometimes I listen to music. It’s not so bad doing the driving. It’s bad not having the time to do the other stuff I love and desire doing. Thanks for coming over, honey. It’s always great hearing from you, feeling your heart energy envelop me. I love ya, sis!

      1. mariner2mother

        118° is HOT!!! I don’t know how you ride in it. I’ve done 118 in the Middle East, but the humidity in FL was about 90% or better. Of course, here in WA it’s been in the 60’s and 70’s, and I’m chilly! Although, it was great to do yard work out there today.

      2. BigLizzy Post author

        Susan, yeah, 118 is hot, but like anything, the ever-flexible body can get used to it. I actually don’t ride when it’s that hot, babe. I wear way too much gear to be caught in traffic and at street lights in that insanity. Add in the heat coming off the bike and we’re literally talking in the 140-degree range; it’s just too much. But, when the mercury is around 103 to 105, I can swing it. I love the chilly 60s and 70s of the Pac Northwest. JUST LOVE WA weather. It’s in my DNA, sister. I swear it. Can I come do yard work with you and soak up some cool moisture? Of course I can. I’ll be right over. Hahahaha! Love you!!

      3. mariner2mother

        I’d LOVE to have you come do yard work with me. It’s nice having the kiddo out in the yard, but he complains more than a seaman. 😉 It was a whopping 75 degrees today with the sun shining. Perfect!!

      4. BigLizzy Post author

        Then, it’s settled. The Hub and I have been talking about a second home in WA for lots of years. He is a contractor for Microsoft (has been for a few years) and we are itching to spend some more time over there. It might just happen and you KNOW the first person I’m looking up when we do. I’ll bring my weed wacker. Hahahahahaa! I love you, sis.

  2. MELewis

    Glad to hear you’re alive and well, Lizzy! You’ve been missed! Looking forward to reading more about your latest adventures. Bises xo

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Dearest Mel! Mon ami. I am so, so glad to hear from you. My heart is with you, yours, and Mother France every second of the day, sister. I’m praying, praying, praying for you all. What an awful thing to have happen on Bastille Day, dear-heart. Know that your American friends and family are heaping the blessings your way. The world mourns with you all. Please tell me you and your family are okay after yesterday’s horrors. You were in Paris, not Nice, yes? Praying…

      Yes, I’m so looking forward to getting back into the swing of things here and sharing the love, babe. Big hugs and kisses to you and the rest mon pays toujour!

      1. MELewis

        Thanks a million for your thoughts, dearest Lizzy. I am nowhere near Nice or Paris, thankfully, although who knows where horror will strike next? It seems the world has gone mad and there are no safe places left anywhere. We have some family in Nice but they are all well. I love the fact that despite the insanity, hearts reach out across the world to sustain each other. Merci, mon amie. Gros bisous! xx

  3. Fat Bottom Girl

    My beautiful fat bottomed sister!! So nice to see your beautiful face when I opened WP this morning! Sounds like you’ve had your hands full lately. I have thought of you often, and hoped you were well. Peace and love to you!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Fat Bottom GIRL!! Helloooooooooooo, love-muffin! How I have MISSED YOU! Thanks for stopping by and for the warm welcome back, baby! That’s it. I need to head over and see what you’ve been up to right this second….I love you, my FBG. So MUCH!

  4. Joanna

    You certainly have been busy love! I love the photo you shared, simply gorgeous! I have some news of my own… My husband and I are separated. I just got tired of the emotional abuse and neglect.

    The day before I actually left, I was trying to leave and he wouldn’t let me. He actually put his hands on me and would not let me go. The next day, he and my daughter went to his niece’s graduation and I left. I’ve been living with my mom downstate since May 26th. I’ve lost 19 pounds and got myself a cashier job at the Kroger, about a mile down the road. I am doing well, but my husband is in denial and wants me to come back.

    So glad to see you are doing well, for the most part. That commute is a real drag though… Take care of you. Hugs and Kisses…

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Joanna-love-bunny-Goddess-rock-star-bad-ass-woman! So, so, so, sooooooooo freakin’ proud of you, mama and so glad to hear from you; it’s been way to long. OhMyGosh! Honey, you have taken such a huge step toward unifying your mind, body, soul, and psyche. I can just feel the waves of loss, grief, hope, determination, uncertainty, but fire from you, babe. I’m beyond happy for you. I know this is tough; it still is. I can feel that, too, but girl, YOU GOT THIS!

      Come to Sedona, babe. Seriously. Find a way. It will heal some of the broken places. There is no better place to repair than this here. I will lovingly hug the hell out of you for six hours (or as long as you want), too. I’m buzzing with energy at the thought, babes.

      But, if not, here is some energy from Sedona and I. Wait for it…here it comes…Mmmmm… You are surrounded by light. You are of the light. You know what’s right. And, you are doing it. I’m literally beaming with love and admiration for you. So, so PROUD of you for taking a stand and taking care of YOURSELF first for once. It feels good, doesn’t it? XOXOXO

      1. Joanna

        Thank you so much. My health and my mental health have been better since I left. I’m hardly ever sick anymore…. Toxic relationship = toxic body.

        It feels good to stand on my own two feet and be real to myself. I can’t come To Sedona just yet, luv. Just started a new job. It’s gonna be a minute. But I’d love to when I have some vacation time!

        It feels great to take care of me for a change. He’s a grown ass man… He can take care of himself if he wants to be a jerk.

        Thanks for the light babe. Always appreciated. Warm warm hugs and kisses to you babe.

        Take care of you!! xoxox

  5. beckysaysthings

    I was SO pleased to see your post! I have been absent for months, too, but for nowhere NEAR as good reasons as yours!! You must be exhausted!
    Huge congratulations on the job, and I look forward to some Big Lizzy lovin’ soon (or ‘Biz Liggy’ as I just accidentally typed – which I think you should change your name to 🙂 ) xx

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Becky-LOVE!!! Hiiiii, muffin! How are you? It’s been way too long. I need to get my can over to your place and hang out a bit. How is life over the pond? I know, we’re all reeling from the horrible attacks on France (so sad!) and general shittiness of some people. But, other than that: How are things, lovely girl? Tell me everything. Big LIGGY is HILARIOUS!! OMG, I sense that this new name is going to stick and I LOVE IT. Okay, I’m heading over to your place now. I love you. Hang in there, mama. The world is with you all over there. I know, you’re not in France, but France is close to you and we are all in the same tribe. Big, sloppy kisses and hugs from you wack-job friend. XOXO

  6. Deb W.

    Glad you are back! You are the most positive, energetic person I know. You guys will be OK! Love ya!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Awwww…dearest Deb-love! Thank you so much for posting this touch of sweetness, honey. How I miss seeing your sunny, lovely face. You are having quite the adventure, aren’t you? I love the photos you’ve been posting. The light coming off of you and Mike is a sight to behold. Keep that love and light coming, baby-cakes. The world needs it even more now than ever before. We’ve got a big job to do, babe. {{{{HUGS!}}}}

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      RR, I LOVE my new handle, babe. Thank you so much, sweet friend. I STILL OWE YOU AN EMAIL. Okay, I’m going to reply to your lovely email RIGHT NOW!! XOXO

  7. insapphicsunshine

    Hola Sissy!!!

    It’s so great to be here, catching up with what you’ve been doing! Hmmm. You’ve given me an idea for my next post! So thank you! Don’t you love it when the Universe comes through for you, even if the new j.o.b. is 4 hours out of your day? I do hope you can carpool with others so that you are not making the trip alone.

    Love always,


    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Claudia-Sissy! Soooo good to hear from you, mi amore! Look at you, gorgeous girl. I just love all your positivity and light, mama. You literally make my heart sing when I hear from you! How is your life? I know it’s fabulous, because it’s YOU after all. 🙂 But, really. How are you in your soul? Mwah! Oh, I commute alone, sis and I don’t mind it at all. Sedona to Scottsdale is not a commute most people are willing to do, so I wouldn’t begin to know how to carpool. i doubt I would find anyone to drive with, hoenstly. Sedona only has 10K residents and most of them are retirees. I go on my Harley often and really enjoy it when I get to ride. But, when I’m in my car, I use the time to commune with the Angels/God/Goddess and my higher self. It’s not a bad drive, really. The worst part is losing the time to work on my book. But, gotta keep those pesos coming in, right, my lovely sister? 🙂

      1. insapphicsunshine

        Thursday morning greetings, Lizzy!!! How are you, Querida? It is soooooo nice to return to my blog home and delight in your spirit and wonderful words! Thank you kindly! I feel as if I’ve been gone two lifetimes, but it sure feels great to be back.
        This morning I’m editing before I slip into sleep. I’m a member of a fiction writing circle. We write and allow the other writers in the group to help us make the writing better!
        I must return to my work. Love you, BigLizzy! I need to make the time to visit your blog home to back in all the love you generate there!!!
        😀 ❤ 🙂

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