You Can Have It All, My Friend

This post is for a friend whom I adore. I think about him all of the time and send him energy and kind thoughts and love through the ether. I literally feel him inside of my soul, like down inside the deepest places inside my inner cosmos. I love this man more than I can ever articulate. He would likely balk at knowing this, but too bad. It’s my blog. I can do what I want. Heh, heh.

Anyway, my friend’s been struggling lately and I started stream-of-consciousness writing on a notepad intending to send it to him. It then occurred to me that it might help some of you, my other lovely friends, whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know through this blog. So, this is what I channeled in a burst that lasted for about seven minutes. When I was done, I was shaking with energy and feelings. I was smiling like a drunk. I was so full of hope and love, it choked me a little. I hope you take it to heart, hear this deeply, and draw it inside of you. And, I hope you believe it.


Here’s a secret: That dream, the one you harbor deep inside and rarely talk about, much less admit to others, the dream that wakes you in the wee hours of the night, and sends your pulse skittering with excitement. That one. That seemingly impossible one. You get to live it. How?

By living it in your mind first. Do it in your mind. When you can’t see how to control external circumstances, when there appears to be no way to bring the dream closer, like it will never come, and you should give it up, don’t stand for that. Don’t believe it. Do your experiencing of the dream in your big, creative, thriving mind first. It will happen faster if you do. And, it’s an absolute guarantee that with enough alignment and focus on your part, your dream will manifest eventually.

See the dream in your hands, or in your eyes, or in your reality. See yourself moving through the circumstances of it. What does it look like? How do you FEEL when you have it, hold it, taste it, experience it? What are the emotions, the sensations, the images? Taste the emotional flavors of your dream. What are they? Joy? Laughter? Determination? Resolve? Satisfaction?

Pull the images of your dream through you until you’re shaking with excitement from them, until your body vibrates with energy, and you can’t wait to jump up and go make something happen, until you are so lit up by the practice of thinking about the dream that it doesn’t matter if it isn’t here yet. Experience it first in your mind and it will come.ocean_unsplash

Feel how your lovely body feels while all of this is going on. Are you excited? Happy? Tense? Energized? Hopeful? Can you feel the nuances of emotion blossoming through you? Can you feel the pulse of joy at the center of it? Is there heat in your belly? Your spine? Does your head tingle? Do your legs ache with it? Then, it’s a good dream and you get to keep dreaming it until it becomes a reality. It doesn’t matter if the dream is impractical or seemingly impossible. We live in energy. We are energy beings. We are spirits who are not bound by anything physical, despite the crap many of us are taught in childhood. There is no end to energy. You are pure energy and you rearrange the molecules of your existence (yes, the very matter) with your consciousness; so use your mind to live the dream before it manifests and then, look out.

Grab the sensations moving through you and milk them for every breathless ounce of pleasure you can before the dream gets here. Do this daily for ten minutes. Do this to bring yourself up in a down moment. Do this to positively program your day before you leave the house. Waiting at the dentist’s office? Sit and dream in the waiting room. Use that time to program the universe with what you want. It’s your creation. This is yours. Everything that’s in physical was energy (as in, thought) first. You get to live your dream. You get to touch it, feel it, explore it, fully.

And, when you prove it to yourself with this dream, you get to do it again with another one. So, get to it, babe. I’m gonna cheer you on every single step of the way. I’m gonna celebrate your dream before it manifests. I’m gonna give you whatever I can to support your journey. Because, you are a part of my dream. You can have it all my friend(s). You can. We can. Let’s do it.

12 thoughts on “You Can Have It All, My Friend

  1. hamletc1602

    Thanks Lizzy for being a beacon of hope and love, as usual! Not sure who you have in mind, but if I can accept your energy and take strength from it – Then that becomes my reality.

    My dream is to write stories people love. Stories they re-read every year. Stories that burrow into their hearts and minds to where the pain and confusion lives, making it a little more bearable
    (Like my favourite authors have done for me).

    I spend a lot of time imagining the steps toward that goal – What am I going to write, how can I improve that scene, how/where will I publish? But I don’t often spend time thinking about what life would be like if I created the kind of stories I dream of. I’m going to set aside some time to do that. I’m curious to see what I come up with…

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Ohhhh, my dearest Hamlet,

      You gave me the biggest grin with this comment. It is YOU. It is also ME. It’s a love letter to the whole of humanity. You get the fullness of the Law of Attraction, honey. I know you do. This reply proves it. YOU are the friend I mention because you receive the words, the energy, the love inside each little nugget that I place on the page. It is you…

      What you write here about your novels, your writing, your energy in the world is EXACTLY HOW I FEEL! Your words help me. Your books make me swoon with admiration and happiness. I LOVE YOUR WRITING, but beyond that, I love your heart. Your HUGE, magical, amazing, and wonderful heart.

      This: “My dream is to write stories people love. Stories they re-read every year. Stories that burrow into their hearts and minds to where the pain and confusion lives, making it a little more bearable
      (Like my favourite authors have done for me).”

      YES!!!! yes, yes, yes. A thousand yeses pealing out to the universe and opening the layers. Yes.

      ❤ I love you, brother. Please tell me how your further "dream explorations go". And, would you start a damn blog already?! Hhahahahahaah!

      1. hamletc1602

        You’re right, I should really start a personal blog – I’ve just been procrastinating 😦

  2. mariner2mother

    Oooo! I can taste it and I don’t even know what “it” is. Giggle. What’s funny, is, as I dove into reading, I had the sense you were addressing this to yourself as much as to your friend. Delicious writing!!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Heh hehe…I know, right? All I can think about when I read your comment is how badly I want to eat cake with buttercream frosting and roll around in it for 17 minutes, then eat even more. Mmmm…cake….Hahahahahah! I get hungry when I think of you, sis. It’s a GOOD THING. You light me up just by coming over for a smidge.

      You, on this planet with me, help me channel better; you help me feel safe with it; you let me know, just by your presence on earth, that it’s all in place. All I have to do is trust it. It’s an amazing thing, this connection of ours. I KNOW you are one of my Angels, girl. We just have to be from the same soul group, eh?

      And, yes, your idea of it being a note to myself is completely accurate. Yes. This is a reminder from my Guides to me, too. Love it!

      Piles of squishy love to you, sister. Thanks for coming over and giving a read. 😀

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      My friend, M!!

      So sorry for the long delay in replying, love. I adore what you wrote here. It made me giggle.

      Ah, yes, it appears that you and I are in the same boat. My fiction has stalled, too, although now that I moved into my new office downstairs, I’m hoping inspiration will again deem me worthy of a visit. All in due time.

      You will work on the book when it’s energetically aligned. Until then, sweetness, ride. Ride, ride, ride, ride, ride! 🙂 Hugs and kisses, Lizzy

  3. MELewis

    Hey Lizzie! I read this post last week as I was beginning a stressful few days. It helped me focus on the essential – the dream. Not the bill-paying bullshit that we do to get there. Glad to see you brimming over with positivity and back amongst the blogging. We have missed you! Big bises xo

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Mel, my darling Frenchy!!

      Soooo good to see your smiling heart and soul here, love. I’m glad this post helped you reconnect with the dream; you’re right, that bill paying and drudgery just bogs our spirits down, don’t they? I get caught in that sour place often, too. And, then I remember that what the mind can imagine, the physical can manifest. It all happens in our minds first. I love knowing this.

      Honey, I’ve been so slammed lately that I haven’t been able to come get some well-needed inspiration from you and your delicious blog, which I very much miss! I’m heading over to catch up now. You feed my soul, sis. Thank you for keeping it all going, keeping the dream alive for so many of us. Big Bises Back to You, love. XOXO


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