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Happy Bastille Day, Body Lovers!

Ah. And, you thought that all I would write about on this blog was body-love stuff. HA! Nope, you know me. As a die-hard Francophile, I simply cannot let a Bastille Day pass me by without a hearty acknowledgement and salute to my true country, the country I fell in love with lifetimes ago, and the one that sings in my blood to this day.

I love you, France. I’ll say it again. I LOVE YOU (almost as much as I love my body). I can feel the energy from you, all the way over here; I can feel your joi de vivre. I can feel the warm, ripe, and fruity red wine in my mouth; I feel the swift and spirited French words that flow more easily with consumption of said wine.

I salute you, France and wish for you a wonderful, glowing celebration of your Independence. My heart is walking your streets, watching the fireworks, and celebrating with you, mes amis.