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Pressed Freshly and Freshly Pressed!

It’s HAPPENED! I recently learned that my last post, Brushing My Mustache, was Freshly Pressed. Who knew that my fledgling mustache, FURdinand, would resonate so much with others and bring people such mirth and delight? Thank you all for sharing in my journey to crone-dom. 😉

This is so much fun!

THANK you very, very much, WordPress fairies for dusting me with your magic fairy dust and bestowing upon me this great, great honor. I’m entirely delighted and very happy to be connecting with new readers and gaining this exposure. I heartily welcome all of you to BigBodyBeautiful and hope that I do an excellent job of keeping you entertained, intrigued, and thinking.

All of you grace my blog and life with such feeling, intelligence, wisdom, and light. I remain your humble, devoted, body-loving friend.