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Swapping Bodies! Whaaa?

“You have got to be kidding me!”, I thought when I first read the title “What if you could experience life in another person’s body?” This BBC article was delivered to me by way of an email blast from one of my all-time-favorite Law of Attraction gurus, Mike Dooley.

I practically fainted when I read the title, because this, as many of you know, is the subject of one of my novels. You know, the novel that I’ve been writing for nearly a decade about the topic of merging one’s essence with another, swapping bodies in a delicious act of love and soul connection, and lighting up for one’s true soul mate, etc. Gawd, I love merging.

Anyway, I was excited as I followed the link. My heart was pounding. I was a bit jiggly and breathless as I waited those few seconds for the page to load. What I hoped for was a metaphysical exploration and explanation of what happens to me when I am in love with someone or something and merging energies with them and while that wasn’t what this particular article was about, it was still a very interesting article.

In short, two people don virtual reality headsets, called a “Machine to Be Another” in which the video from each person is ported over to the opposite headset. In the article, a male participant was able to see what the female participant was doing and vice-versa. Apparently, it takes the brain a few minutes to orient itself but it adapts pretty quickly and results in a very interesting, perception-altering experience for participants. These particular participants expressed that this exercise changed them for the better.

Machine to Be Another is part of a growing study of implicit racism and how to generate empathy for others but makers also see lots of other applications for the technology, including using it in therapeutic practices where a therapist can swap bodies with their patients to more clearly understand the patient’s issues and better empathize with them. The fact is that these devices change the brains of the wearers, at least, in the short term.

brain My theory for why people become accustomed to living in another gender’s body so quickly is that we’ve all lived before and we’ve all been both men and women. We remember. Our cells remember. Many of us know in some deep, soulful place that we are much, much more than these bodies that we currently occupy. We know that there is something much more profound and far-reaching happening with the human race. So, swapping bodies is natural to us because our brains are super computers designed to adapt instantly to stimuli and then yield expanded states of consciousness and higher functioning.

Okay, I’ve held you off long enough. The article totally makes me want to try this exercise. I wonder if they let just anyone do this? I wonder if it will become mainstream, like, will we see cafes opening all over the place where people can go in and have life-changing experiences? I can totally see this happening. Walk in one way and come out completely different but the same. I dig it. 🙂 What about you guys? Would you want to try this?