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Dripping Day, Dripping Emotions


Mmmm….it’s raining in Sedona right now. A lovely, steady Sunday rain that has me feeling so philosophical, inward, and soft. I’m always grateful for these kind of drippy days, because they make me want to climb into the arms of a warm blanket, go even deeper into myself, move less, do less, feel more, and really be here, tasting my emotions, feeling my body. Rainy days force me to slow down. It’s really nice.

I’m sitting at my desk, the window open, the rain steadily sighing against the street and roof, the plants all opening themselves and receiving the precious moisture, the red earth drinking it in, my body open, receiving the rain’s messages; the world, muted, with a grey gauge on everything and the coolness, ahhhh…the delicious coolness. The air smells so alive and fresh right now. It feels like fall today, my favorite season. In other words, heaven.

I’m here and absolutely in love with everything. Love is just flowing through me right now, taking its time, spinning open inside of me and spiraling through my energy centers and then outward in thick bands of light and as they exit, they make me spin a little, dizzy and saturated; this dripping day makes me want to give myself over to poetry, to exploring the steady beat of love that I sense at the core of everything.

clouds_in_cottonwoodIt makes me think of him, the fact that we both share this earth right now, how eternally appreciative I am for knowing him, a man I would recognize anywhere. My friend. This day is for meditation, languid thoughts, and sustained feeling. It’s a day for making connections in the energy realm.

We don’t get a ton of rain in AZ, but this year has been awesome; we’ve had a great monsoon season: steady storms and above-average rainfall. Though, weather like this largely keeps me off of the bike, I’m okay with it. These are rare, precious days. This is a day for making another cup of coffee, holding its warmth in my mouth, taking it into my core….holding…holding…

So, as I push “publish” on this post, it hasn’t stopped raining for four hours, which is pretty rare in the desert. I feel so lucky to be here writing this, experiencing this dripping day and feeling these dripping, happy emotions. It’s a perfect day, a gift. I’ll take it.

Now, for that extra cup of coffee. 🙂