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Hellloooooo, body-lovers. Are you ready to be an active part of the revolution? If so, please consider writing a guest post for us on all-things body-lovin’. The following guidelines will help you cater your materials to the scope of this blog and be mindful of the editorial and submission practices that we maintain. And, THANK YOU for your interest in spreading the love. ❤

BBB is looking for body-centric posts on (but not limited to):

  • How to love yourself more
  • Ideas for how to achieve body acceptance
  • Your struggle with getting to a place of acceptance (even if you aren’t there yet)
  • What shaped your ideas about the body and how it should look or be
  • Tips for overcoming negative body talk
  • Things that make your body happy
  • How healthy is not necessarily a look
  • How it feels to be in a body
  • How body affects spirit and vice versa
  • Why you think you are here in a body and what that means to you
  • How thoughts affect your body
  • Law of Attraction and its effects on your body and the quality of your life
  • How to feel good with physical limitations or challenges
  • Meditation practices

Which topics to avoid:

Generally, I hope to avoid posts that are overwhelmingly negative, body-bashing, hate-mongering, overly critical of others or the self, fat shaming or any kind of body shaming, and topics that talk about how you dominate or otherwise damage your body with exercise, food, drink, etc. Add to that: nothing that glorifies anorexia, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, or illness. You can talk about these subjects if you have overcome them and are in a new more-positive place.

This is a blog about love and acceptance, but that’s not to say that I don’t want your truth or things can’t get a little edgy; you can write about your real emotions and what led you to where you are today; I simply must navigate a fine line between venting about the body and its challenges and emerging into the light of self-acceptance. If you are in a negative place with your body, great. Let’s hear it. But, please add to that where you hope to get in your process of body acceptance. I like to end it on a high-note.

Step # 1: Pitch Your Idea to BigBodyBeautiful

If you are interested in guest blogging with BBB, please send me an e-mail: Liz[at] and pitch your idea for a post. Please provide as much detail as possible about your idea or an outline of the points that you hope to cover. In most cases, I will respond within 48 hours to your pitch and give you feedback. We’ll then discuss a schedule for getting your post live.

After I take a light editorial pass through the copy, I place the post on BBB for authors. Please note that I will not change your wording or sentence structure unless I contact you and we discuss it first, but I will correct punctuation and grammar where necessary to clarify or correct the copy.

Step # 2: Format your post

After you have received the “go-ahead” from me, please format your post as follows.

  • Make your post a minimum of 600 words and maximum of 2000. Note: You can make a case with me for word count to differ from this; these are just general guidelines.
  • Submit your post in Word, ASCII text format, or the body of the e-mail. Note: Some formatting changes might have to be made to the content in order to fit with the page layout and style of this blog.
  • Submit a high-quality photo of yourself, if you have one, or royalty-free artwork to  enliven your copy. If you do not have any artwork, don’t fret.

Link to BigBodyBeautiful

Feel free to take a copy of this artwork (right-click > Save image as…) and post it to your blog with a pingback to us at

Any questions? Please feel free to contact me. So looking forward to hearing from you, reading your stories, my body-lovin’ revolutionaries, and inspiring the world together!  All my love and light, BigLizzy

5 thoughts on “Guest Blog Here!

    1. BigLizzy Post author


      So sorry for not replying. Things have been nuts lately, but a good nuts. I’ve been on fire with writing my novel, working two technical writing jobs, and getting my motorcycle touring company going again for the riding season. Early spring into summer are the absolute busiest times for me during the year. I can barely hang on. 🙂

      But, I loved your email, sweetness and thank you for reaching out to me. Again, so sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I’m running about a month behind on all my email correspondence. Soooo…that being said, how are things with you, babe?

      Sending gobs of love right back to you, sis. Thank you for the sweet messages you send. I feel so appreciated, sis. Let’s get a plan together for a Skype session or something fun and let’s do it soon! XOXO


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