Recent Articles on Various Plus-Size Shenanigans

Hey, my Big Body Beautiful peeps: check out the following articles, posted in various locations, on topics of interest to the plus-size community:

Solving the Problem with Plus-Size Clothing. The following link takes you to an article on Yahoo Shine that’s about two college kids who have supposedly solved the “problem with plus-size clothing”. Although the article does not get into real specifics of how the college kids did this, it’s still interesting and great to see that these issues are being taken up by the young. I am all for breaking down the fat phobia in this thin-obsessed, and frankly, body-dysmorphic culture of ours. Read the article here.

Plus-Size Models. The following link, from takes you to a slide show of plus-size models working in the industry today. These women are hot. I don’t care who you are; they are gorgeous and healthy big women. It’s about damn time we see more of this in the media. Check out the slideshow here.

The Other “F” Word. This is another excellent article (can you tell that I just love them?) on the word “fat” and how it evokes such strong negative and positive reactions from the plus-size community. I loved this article and for the record, I embrace the word fat and all of its luscious permutations. Read the article here.

Actress, Christina Hendricks Throws a Hissy about being Called ‘Full-Figured”. Um…ohhhhkaaaay. By the way, I had to include this link in the list, even though the article is nearly a year old, because this actress can’t figure out what she wants and her wishy-washy-ness typifies the struggle we big girls have with our shapes. On the one hand, Hendricks has been quoted as saying that she’s finally happy that her curves are being celebrated and she’s no longer being asked to lose weight and on the other hand, she stopped an interview cold and called the reporter “rude” for using the term “full-figured” to describe her. Make up your mind. Are you happy about your curves or not? In my opinion, anyone who routinely walks the red carpet with that much boob showing (and we’re talking ALOT of boob) cannot complain about being called “full-figured”. News flash, Christina: you are full-figured (if for no other reason than your ginormous 38 DDD breasts), but that ain’t the same as being called fat. You are gorgeous. Now, get over yourself. Read the article here.

2 thoughts on “Recent Articles on Various Plus-Size Shenanigans

  1. MELewis

    What a beautiful (if sad) story. I have lived in France for 20 years and understand what you mean — even those of us who are only slightly stocky feel overweight in this country. But what a shame to let this prevent you from realizing your dream! On the other hand, the reality of France would probably be a crushing disappointment for you. You may wish to keep your dream safe. But if you’re interested, I blog about those realities as a Canadian living here… Salut et bonne continuation!

    1. BigLizzy Post author

      Bonjour, mon ami! Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply on my “Too Fat for France” post. You said the exact same thing that my friend, Laurent (who lives in Provence) says. He tells me: “Ah, France, she has her problems. Your fantasy about France and the reality might not match”. This is probably true, but I know that I still need to go there. This probably sounds strange, but the thing that I am looking for in France will find me. I know this. I want to touch the buildings, smell them, feel the air and energy and absorb the frequency of my beloved France. I know that my feet will know where to go and my spirit will remember. So, yes, perhaps my heart will be troubled by what I experience there and I will come away with a much different view of my true country, but I have to go before I die, because something is waiting for me there. At any rate, I simply cannot wait to read/follow your blog. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Salut!


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